Friday, 23 November 2012

Jaipur & a Bollywood film night!

Friday 23rd Nov

We took a bus to Jaipur, (9am yay! The first time we’ve ever gotten transport after 7am!) which was a private public bus and we shared with an Intreprid group. Luckily we got on first and had a choice of seats but for some stupid reason Laura, I, Ali, Paul and Josie decided to be polite and all sit along the back seat...error! It was the bumpiest, hottest ride ever! Even worse, the guys were hanging from teapot beer night – haha, me and Laura weren’t though – yay to us! We then played Ali’s stupid game, ‘Would you Rather’ which involved things like ‘would you rather have hands for feet and feet for hands, or legs for arms and arms for legs’, and ‘spaghetti for hair or fish fingers for fingers’ – amazing right?!  

On the way we stopped at the cleanest roadside toilets ever, and had an aloo parantha with a chai. We arrived in Jaipur and had around 2 hours to freshen up before our orientation walk – yay another orientation walk! We went for a walk around old city, which is where most of the film ‘The best exotic marigold hotel’ was filmed, then took cycle-rickshaws to a famous Lassiwala house where most people tried a lassi, but I didn’t fancy it as they are basically just sweetened yoghurt. I needed some food so me, Julie and Julie B had some street food – fried mash potato hash, with a peanut and chickpea satay sauce - I’m not sure what it’s called but it was amazing!

 It was then Cinema time and we went to see the latest bollywood movie which was supposed to be amazing, Jak Haal blab la, and it was. It was three hours long, with an interval inbetween, some people went home but I stayed and was so glad I did. Even though there were no subtitles we could understand exactly what the story was and what was happening – the emotions and body language said it all! It was a love story and based part in London and part in Ladkah in India, the music was awesome too, composed by the same guy who did the music for Slumdog Millionnaire. After that we just went back to the hotel and had an early night.

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