Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pizza and Coffee, how very Indian of us...

Sunday Nov 25th - Agra

We got an early public bus to Agra, nothing eventful happened other than at the halfway stop we got ice creams for breakfast, which made us very happy. The bus had to drop us half an hour outside of Agra though as there was a big muslim festival on and some government protests, so we had to get tuk tuk’s to our hotel, which was interesting, as it was so so busy! Our tuk tuk managed to hit a bus, a car hit us (luckily this was all in snail-paced traffic so no damage was done), we also almost hit two motorcyclists, one had an actual baby on the back!

We arrived at the hotel and guess what flanked either side of it?! A Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee!!!!!! We checked in and were straight in there – pizza after loadsa curries?! Yes please! It cost a fortune - even though it was only £4-5, that’s expensive to us now! We were then supposed to do the Baby Taj but the traffic was too bad due to all the protests and street festival so we decided to do that tomorrow instead after we’d gone to the Taj. Instead we took a really pointless trip to a run-down mall, were contemplating seeing an Indian movie, but were too tired. 

So instead we went to the pharmacy to pick me up some antibiotics as I’d managed to contract Laura’s hideous cough – it was only a matter of time really lol and Paul needed some valium for the following day’s night train journey, then we pretty much spent the rest of the evening bored, skyping the parents and on the internet – Christ, we are just so damn cultural! But to be fair, Yash told us he hated Agra and there was nothing to do there, so we didn’t really have much choice. Yet we STILL hadn’t booked our flights to Kerala for the end of the week, we’re useless! Well, we tried, got to the checkout and then the internet gave out, India all over really.

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