Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cherai beach + a night out with the lads in Kochi!

Sat 8th December - Kochi

So we got up early to head to Cherai beach, got a ferry accross to Vypin Island and then a local bus to Cherai, however it dropped us off on a massive mission of a walk to the actual beach, had to hail a tuk tuk down this deserted road to take us the rest of the way. Then when we got there found out it wasn't the beach we wanted and there was nowhere to eat so got the driver to take us to actual Cherai beach for food, which was along the bumpiest road EVER!

We then spent half hour trying to find somewhere nice to eat, eventually settled on Baywatch Restaurant where we had amazing food (well my Tuna sandwich was amazing!). We then walked down to a bar run by two russians, for cocktails and sunbathing, which is where Jin and his friend met us. We stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.

I decided towards the end of the day to have a dip in the sea. I didn't realise I'd gone in with my prescription sunglasses on, there was a massive wave which took me by surprise (literally turned around, it was on me and I didn't even have time to scream), was washed up to shore where I grazed my knees on the rough sand, jumped up and rubbed my eyes, choking on the water, screamed 'I'm alive!' and then went SHIT, where the hell are my sunglasses!! Turned out the sea had taken them as a souvenir. I was gutted! Laura decided to try and be the hero to go and search for them but in that sea there was no way we would have found them. So instead we asked the two russians we'd just met to keep a look out for them - pah yea right they were definitely gone forever! And instead walked down the beach watching the awesome sunset and then hitched a ride back with Jin in his supped-up car to Kochi. It was so weird being on a tiny ferry sat in a car - it was like the car was floating!

We then went to the local government-run alcohol shop - where all the local men go to que up on a weekend to pick up their weeks worth of alcohol and where tourists realise they are being ripped off in the bars! It's a little shop with a caged front stacked with alcohol behind the bars. You walk up, place your order and get your alcohol wrapped in a little paper bag! We got a litre of rum for 65 rupees and a litre of vodka for 300 rupees (altogether around £5 for the lot!!). Then we went to get ready and met the guys back at their restaurant where they mixed the alcohol for us with the coke - it was basically rum with coke, rather than coke with rum. Then waited until around 11pm to go. Jin's mate was designated sober driver and me and Laura were drunk before we even left so the journey was hilarious! The clubs all had these weird policies that guys were only allowed in free if they were with a woman, women were allowed in free always and if the men were solo they had to pay 2000 rupees to get in. We thought the guys would be ok but obviously, that doesn't apply for men bringing foreign women with them - woops!

We went to the club where it was supposed to be happening but it had been closed due to a fight an hour before, so me and Laura went for a dip in the fountain of the hotel and had a go on the swings. Then we went to another hotel downtown where there was another party happening. We were basically the only white people there, and definitely the only white girls. But everyone loved us (or perhaps were just perving on us lol) so we got away with some seriously awesome minesweeps! (where you steal other peoples drinks while they order). They were basically just laughing and taking pictures as we swiped their drinks and were swigging them right next to the now empty handed buyer - blatantly! We met a cool dutch dude who also found this hilarious and he stayed with us most the night to 'protect' us from the indian men, but he was blatantly just perving too!! haha.

We then got a little too confident and started dancing on the bar, then some guy grabbed Laura's ass so her and Jin started shouting at him and before we knew it me and Laura had been flung over the backs of the security guys and had been kicked out the club!! lol We managed to blag our way back in and danced with an awesome guy who kept telling us how happily married he was so he wasn't trying to come onto us or anything (I think he was scared of Jin who is a boxer and was getting a little protective of us). He was an awesome latin american dancer. And then we drove back to Fort Kochi, via a shop for chocolate and crisps, and me and Laura crashed out, and woke with stonking hangovers the next day!! Just the usual Laura and Xtina night on the town!

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