Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Halong Bay and a Water Puppet adventure

19th Feb

We woke around 7am. Breakfast and check-out was at 8. Breakfast was again, huge! We got free tea and coffee – Vietnamese style so really sweet which I had now become addicted to, so had way too many cups – sugar low later today then! Breakfast was fresh fruit, noodles, fried rice, and fried eggs. Bit of a weird mix but it was actually pretty good. Then we all sat up on deck for ages chatting again and having some fun with dutch phrases – the word of the day/month/Vietnam had to be Swaffelen (which means ‘penis slapping’ or slapping things with ones penis) So you can imagine the guys had fun with that one! We waited around for one group to leave the boat as they were spending another night on an island, and for one group to join our boat as we were taking them back to shore. Then we set sail for the shore, through Halong bay – which was even clearer today. Greg decided to get naked for some naked photos along the way. 

Then it was lunchtime when we were close to shore. Which again was massive – we’d only eaten 2 hours ago! We had baked squid, sweet and sour chicken, roast pork, rice, onion puffs (basically like onion rings), salad, fresh fruit. It was then time to head back to the dock with our new guide and say goodbye to Halong Bay. We boarded the bus and spent the next 3hrs sleeping. When we arrived in Hanoi we said our goodbyes to the others and headed back to the hostel to freshen up, checked into our new room which was smaller and not as nice as our last room. Took advantage of happy hour as we intended to actually visit the water puppet show tonight and we felt we’d need to be a little tipsy to make it a little more fun than we’d heard it’d be. 

We were planning to go with Lorna and Tom but they decided not to go in the end so it was just me and Iris. Had an amazing Bahn My (pronounced Baah May) on the way (French baguette filled with Pate, grilled pork, egg, salad, chilli sauce). Then went to book our tickets, we got the cheap ones as we didn’t think it’d be worth the extra money to sit up front. The show started at 9.15pm so we just walked around for a bit until it was time. The show started and yup, it was definitely as bad as everyone had told us it would be and we were glad we chose the cheap tickets! It’s basically just a stage full of water, some narrators, wooden puppets that hardly moved and told a story through 10 dances, and some Vietnamese music/songs that they ‘danced’ to. We poked fun out of it most of the way through and also at the guy in front who’d brought his IPad along to film it and was way too enthusiastic about using it! 
After we then went back to the hostel and packed ready for tomorrow and had an early night.

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