Monday, 11 February 2013

Tour A - paradise on a grander scale!

Monday 11th Feb

So we woke early. I had started to run out of money by this stage and stupid El Nido doesn't have any cashpoints so I had to borrow money off of Alicia until I could get to the Petron Station tonight - I'd already tried last night but they didn't have any cash, and Art Cafe no longer did cash advances.

So we booked our tour with our hostel, collected our snorkel gear and went down to pay our national park fee. We then boarded our boat and met our 3 other companions for the day - 3 girls from Sweden. We set off and topped off at a beautiful bay for some snorkelling. Then we headed to for some more snorkelling and an hour of sunbathing before lunch. I got stung by a jellyfish which was annoying but twas only a little sting so not too bad. Then we had lunch which was AMAZING! Freshly grilled king prawns, a whole plate full of them; fresh fish, fresh grilled chicken and pork, rice and the soya sauce dip.

Then we made our way to the small and big lagoons which were utterly gorgeous! The water was so turquoise ...and there was a jumping platform...! So we stayed for an hour just jumping from this platform, trying to get pictures of us doing it but our guide was rubbish at taking the photo's! In the end the Swedish girls got one on their camera which they should send me soon. We stayed so long that the tide had gone out and basically almost stranded us there, we had to push the boat through the really shallow water to get out of the lagoon!

We then went to another island for a stretch of amazing beach before we were to head back to shore, there was a bar there so we got some beers and just chilled in the sun until it was time to head back to El Nido.  We stopped off at a crepe cafe on the way back to the hostel and had the most amazing crepes EVER! I then took a tricycle to the Petron station - still no cash argggghhhh! I needed to pay the hostel soon and pay back Alicia so I was beginning to stress. Would just have to try again tomorrow. We planned to do Tour C tomorrow which went to other islands and bays. So we just freshened up, waited ages for the shower and then went out for something to eat. We had a minor emergency when Alicia was served food with peanuts in and she's severely allergic to them so she had to rush to the pharmacy to get medication, luckily she was ok. Then we were all pretty knackered so we had a couple beers at our hostel and went to beddy-byes!

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