Monday, 4 February 2013

Whole days lost to travelling - a bad side to the Philippines!

So today we woke early, checked out of our hotel and got a cab to the airport. Checked in had breakfast and then got on our flight to Manila. We had to fly via Manila to get to Coron, which was a bummer and ment we had a good 4 hours at the airport before our next flight.

When we arrived I went and sat at a cafe with wifi and did some blogging to try and catch up a little with Thailand and finish India. Laura and Paul went outside in the sun for a bit and had a Mac Donalds. Then we got our next flight to Coron, which was only an hour and was in a tiny plane with propellers. This didn't amuse Laura as she's not good with flying at the best of times, let alone on a plane that looked like it would fall apart!

When we arrived in Coron we got a minibus to a hotel, checked out a few others first because, as usual, we hadn't pre-booked anywhere (well I'd tried to at Manila airport but they were all fully booked because Chinese New Year was coming up). We eventually found somewhere for a decent enough price, right in the centre of Coron town which was nice. Though we got our first taste of the Palawan brown-outs, which meant the aircon wasn't working unless the power came back on, and the electrics were running by generators. Laura and Paul stayed in the hotel doing important internet related things and I decided to go for a walk around the market and check out the area, also to see what accommodation options were around as in a couple days Laura and Paul we going to go to a decent resort for her birthday so I needed somewhere to stay for those nights, so thought it'd help to know what was out there for when I needed to search.

Came back around 9pm and we headed next door to a restaurant that was Lonely Planet recommended, had some pasta which was amazing - full of garlic but so good. Then as it had been a long day we went and booked our island hopping tour for tomorrow at 8am and went to bed!

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