Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gibbon Experience day 3

Today, the Gibbons woke us up again, they were particularly loud this morning! But we were all over them by now and had vowed to have a ‘lie in’ which was until 7.30am. Then when we got up we were greeted by fresh coffee as Lukas had done the fly-boil on the water already. So we had coffee, and also had some leftover cookies from last night, and half an apple each as a pre-breakfast, as we knew breakfast probably would be rice or not really substantial again.

Then we had our last jungle shower, packed and M.J came across to meet us, with his shadow dressed in a superman cape – as we kept calling him superman yesterday because of the speed he zipped across the lines. Then on like a nappy, safety first, we zipped and trekked back to base camp, which was still extremely knackering! Once we got to base camp we had a quick rest, Maaike donated her playing cards to the local guys as they were missing a few and they were SO HAPPY, like Christmas had come early. Then we took a few pictures with our guides and headed off on our trek back to Base Village.

Not a lot happened on this trek, me and Maaike were way behind the guys as normal but it gave us more of a chance to chat and get to know each other. We arrived back at the village around 11am and then grabbed some drinks and waited for our transport back. We took another bumpy ride through the jungle, had lunch back at the roadside village – which was more rice, but at least this time the vegetable dish had a lot of flavour. Then we all said our goodbyes – Maaike, Tim and Rik were staying here to catch a bus which was headed to Luang Nam Tha for some kayaking, but we all agreed to meet in Luang Prabang in a couple of days to do that and Vang Vieng together which would be awesome travelling in a group again. Lukas and Bas were on their way up north too but were coming back to Huay Xai first to catch their bus. May meet Lukas further down the line.

So we headed back to Huay Xai, which was a longer journey than I remember it being the first time around, checked back into BAP and sat with Lukas, Bas and the French dude until their buses arrived. Then I chilled, blogged, uploaded photos, ate and packed ready for the slow boat tomorrow and went to bed.

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