Thursday, 2 May 2013

With full bellies + a heart full of love for Luang Prabang...

So, remember that big day we had planned? Didn’t happen! Instead the alarms went off at 5am, we all mumbled a, I’m too tired to go, and rolled over and went back to sleep, just as well really as it was overcast so we wouldn’t have seen anything – which is what we kept telling ourselves. Tanya caught her bus at 8.30am and Devyn and I ended up sleeping in again til midday. We’re not sure why but we were just so tired lately, I think our bodies needed time to just chill and catch up on sleep! So we moved into a twin room for the night so we didn’t have to pay any extra, went for lunch at the bakery, booked our tickets to Vang Vieng for tomorrow morning, went to find out the names of the guys to get my money back, and told ourselves we wasn’t allowed to go for massages, or sleep tonight unless we caught up on our blogs...we got one blog post done!! Lol So we went to the night market anyway, where we did some last minute shopping, I got myself a lantern with Monks on it, a few bits for people at home, and we got Tanya a birthday present for next week.

We then went to check out the Blue Lagoon restaurant to say goodbye to Sai and have a meal...and my god were we glad we did! It was simply AMAZING! We had Garlic bread for starters, but we also got complimentary hot baguettes with garlic butter and a spinach soup in a shot glass, which instead of drinking we dipped our complimentary garlic butter bread in! Devyn also had a Caesar Salad which was so divine, and then we had Pasta, Devyn had bolognaise and I had smoked salmon in a creamy sauce with Tagatelle. We were waited on non-stop, the service was on the ball, as soon as we even came close to finishing our complimentary water it was topped up, even the chef came out to ask if our food was ok and that we were having a good night. It was like a 5* restaurant, in Luang Prabang, for the price of a Frankie and Bennies meal! Sai came and spoke with us for a while and we said our goodbyes at the end, wishing him well with his studies, tests and future career! And we left with full bellies and a heart full of love for Luang Prabang; it’s food, the people, the place!

On the way back we decided to duck into a massage place just along the night market for foot massages, but with our luck, got caught out in another huge storm and downpour! Just as our massages ended, there was a powercut and then the storm really started, it chucked it down – we’re talking side-ways torrential rain! The people running stalls at the night market had barely packed up their stuff so also got caught out. We stayed inside for a good 20minutes but we both desperately needed the toilet, and the only toilet they had was a squat in the backyard. So, making sure we’d waterproofed all our purchases we decided to make a run for it to our hotel. Luckily by this time the rain was lighter, but the street was pretty flooded, I almost slipped over and lost my flipflops a few times. Turns out when we got back to the hotel, the running in bare-foot didn’t help, as I had a shard of glass in my foot! We both tried with tweezers and a needle to get the thing out but it was having none of it, so I decided to leave it until tomorrow, hoping it would naturally work its way out and we packed and then went to bed.

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