Sunday, 2 June 2013

Koh Tao in a nutshell

So the rest of Koh Tao was pretty much same same...

The next morning I went down and told Donnie and Jon I was going to quit diving. I then went and laid on the beach for the day, but the whole day I was wondering whether I'd made the right decision as I'd always wanted to learnt to dive. So on my way home I found myself wondering into the dive shop and signing myself up for tomorrows pool session again. Met Chandler and went back to the beach until Devyn came back from her first dive. After talking to her about it and finding out she didn't really enjoy it as much as she'd hoped and they'd had to do their mask tasks etc while down there I instantly began to regret my decision to sign up again. Donnie came over and asked what the frick I was doing so he knew whether to write me a referral or not. I said I was umming and arring and then John came over...with a teach me how to frickin' dive! Whether it took him 6hrs or 6 days he told me to go away, relax, and when I come back to Koh Tao to request him as my instructor and he WILL GET ME THROUGH IT! So I decided to do just that! That evening we went for a meal with Ashley, who me and Devyn had met in Don Det a week or so ago as it was her last night, Chandler and Ashley went out, me and Devyn stayed in. I skyped the rentals.

The next day I spent at the beach again, Devyn completed her final
dives. That evening we went to watch her dive video which was awesome and made me wanna dive even more. Then we went on the famous Ko Tao Pub Crawl, which was awesome, 300 baht, and you get a T-Shirt, free bucket and 2 free shots. We then went to a pool party, The Queen's Cabaret Lady Boy show, that I went to last time I came to Thailand, it was just as awesome (the guys we were with went up on stage at the end dressed in lady-boy gear)! Table-danced for ages to some awesome acoustic performances at the Aussie Bar and ended the night at a beach party at Lotus. We met some pretty cool people that night!

The next day we spent in bed, hungover, then our last day we went to NangYuan
island just off the coast of Koh Tao, before our night boat to Phuket that evening. We climbed the view point, sunbathed on the beach, climbed over boats, had a pretty dicey ride over choppy seas in a longtail boat. Then we went back and showered, went for all you can eat pizza and said goodbye to everyone. It was then time to catch our boat to Phuket - Devyn was heading to Chumporn as she had to go to Burma on a visa run, so she was getting a different boat to us. Me and Chandler were headed straight to Phuket and meeting Devyn there before heading to Phi Phi.

So this boat...looked like it wouldn't make it to Surat Thani in one piece, once on, we were assigned our beds - literally all sleeping on top of one another! Devyn meanwhile was cosied up in her AC bunk-bed boat! It was so hot, and it was like we were slaves on a slave-trade ship, or illegal immigrants being taken to another country, it wasn't great, the mattresses were also rock hard. However Chandler and I managed to escape through a hole in the door up on deck so we could get some air and chat for a while, before cosying down for the night. 

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