Friday, 12 July 2013

Bali Birthday in Kuta!

My birthday started off with a wonderful eggs Benedict and smoked salmon breakfast, with a side of hash browns and baked beans, and a fresh watermelon juice, followed by a whole day at the beach with the girls and Diana, where we literally did nothing but sunbathe - amazing!

In the evening we went for a wonderful Mexican which had a confusing menu so we got the owner to order 6 courses for us yummy! It was expensive but great! We'd then planned a big night out in Kuta with everyone in the hostel at Sky Gardens, a huge multi-level nightclub. Devyn and Chandler presented me with a delicious, gooey, chocolate cake so we all had a slice before we left, then around 10pm we hailed two taxi's and took a long traffic-ridden journey into Kuta, the next beach-town down the coast.

Upon arrival at Sky Gardens we all got free entry and a free drink, and we divided our time between the rooftop bar and the main club room downstairs. Me and Chandler made a bet that our night would end with us dancing on some sort of elevated surface like always...which it did! Halfway through the night I ended up dancing with the gogo dancers on the main stage/podiums, then we made friends with the dj and got access to his booth. Everyone ended up leaving one by one, each reaching a new level of drunkeness at different stages in the night. The drinks cost a fortune but they tipped a ton of alcohol in so we thought it was semi-justifiable. We also established that even in Kuta it's a whole other level of stylish backpacker nightlife!! Great birthday!

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