Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bali - Eat, Pray, Love It!

The next day I used as a lazy day to catch up on my sleep and my blog before Devyn and Chandler arrived. I established my new local, Eny's Warang, just round the corner to the hostel and met Diana from Germany. She'd just come from Australia and New Zealand and was travelling S.E. Asia for another 5 months or so. At around 4-5pm, Devyn and Chandler arrived from the airport. Unable to get cash out they couldn't pay the taxi, and I didn't have enough cash either so they borrowed money from the hostel until they could get hold of some. That evening we went for dinner with Diana at a restaurant down the road and sat around the hostel living room until we were tired.

10th July 2013

The next day we simply spent at the beach. Diana did her own thing and we agreed to meet in the evening, as Devyn's friend from hawaii, Jeff, was coming to meet us for a few days, (he's travelling too) and we all wanted to go out and check out Bali's nightlife of legends! We accessed the beach through Potato Head club...now we knew Seminyak was posh, but when you get to the beach bars and resorts, you begin to realise just how posh it is!! Potato Head had two lots of security to get through, you weren't allowed outside food and drinks in, it had a bar, restaurant, beachfront infinity pool and a grass area(?!) to lounge on. Minimum spend for a sun lounger was 500,000 rp ($50), the cocktails and pizza were around $20!! So, needless to say, we didn't stay long and walked straight through onto the beach. The beach is grey sand, due to the islands volcanic rock, and the waves are quite something. No wonder it's known as the surf capital of S.E Asia! These waves would probably kill me, so I wouldn't be swimming here!

We then just walked down to Ku De Ta, another beach bar/resort and paid for some sun loungers ($3 for the day) and stayed here until around 5pm. We had lunch from a beach seller, some amazing Mie Goreng (fried noodles), served in china bowls in wicker baskets, brought to us on the beach! We saw horses just casually riding up and down the beach, some awesome surfers riding the waves and got some suntime in. S.e asia really does have something completely different to offer, everywhere you go!

On the way back, we randomly bumped into Jeff, Devyn's friend, who had just arrived so we went for dinner at Eny's. Jeff unfortunately had some very uncooked chicken but they apologised profusely and recooked it for him. I had an amazing fish cooked in coconut and a banana leaf with balinese vegetables and rice - so good. We then went back to get ready, and in the time it took, Jeff had managed to meet half the hostel and everyone in our room and convinced them all to join us on a night out in Seminyak. So us (Devyn wasn't feeling well so she stayed in), Diana, Des'ree, Felix, Shannon, Loes (pronouced loose) a french dude and Jeff all ventured out to Mantra, a super chic bar on the main beach road. We then headed to a place Chandler and I had noted during our walk back from the beach...The Deck, happy hr 10-12 most drinks only $2!! So we ordered a round of drinks, and a round of $1.50 tequila shots, as u do, and all got to know each other and the alcohol pretty quickly! Before long we were piling into taxi's, though most went home, it was just Chandler, Jeff, Shannon and I eventually, and we headed into Seminyak proper to a street where a lot of the main party bars were. But because it was a weekday, most were shut (they only really party on the weekends) sooo...what do you do when everything is shut? Go to the Gay Bar of course!! There were ladyboys and a ladyboy cabaret performance every 2 songs, we danced on the bar with 'cher', made friends with lots of gay indonesian guys. Jeff got hit-on several times and his beard was pulled at, as they thought it was fake, and his balls were squeezed, his arse slapped haha!! We then just called it a night around 1/2pm as it had started to rain, went and got some pot noodles from the k mart and went to bed! Oh and Chandler and I woke up the hostel dorm room as we discovered my kinder surprise toy (a bee math game) and proceeded to 'buzzzzz' them around the room while playing the game, rolling around in heaps of laughter, as you do.

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