Tuesday, 22 September 2015

On the way to Chitwan!

So today was just a bus journey, nothing special, I caught the bus at 7am and made our way through the mountains of the Kathmandu Valley, a very bumpy and sheer drop road! The views were stunning though. I arrived in Chitwan at around 1pm and I (including a few people from the bus), were taken directly to our hotel, Green Park Chitwan. Where upon entrance we were welcomed by the friendliest staff ever, a cold flannel as the heat and humidity was INTENSE, and a glass of cola. I got talking to Tiffany, a solo traveller from China and then was shown to my room...and I mean WOW!

So it's big enough for about 10 people, with a double and single bed, huge bathroom, Air con, seating area, balcony and there was a hotel pool round the corner. Backpacker this was NOT! I was in heaven for a few days! One of the reception staff talked me through my itinerary as I had booked on a package with tours. So today was lunch, then some chill time, then in the evening was an Ox-cart ride around the local Tharu Village and a cultural village dance before dinner.

So I had a shower then went down to lunch, where again the staff couldn't be more helpful and there was SO MUCH FOOD! So I could tell I would eat my weight over the next few days to make the most of it being included. Then I made the most of the aircon in the room and checked out the surroundings before the ox-cart tour.

4pm rolled around and I set off on our village tour with a group of Russian and Ukranian girls who were on a study holiday. The guide was so so informative and it was a lovely afternoon with sunset on the river bank overlooking Chitwan National Park / the jungle. And he gave us a history of the Tharu village people and their ways of life. We then returned, I went in the pool for half an hour to enjoy the last of sunset and get my full use out of this resort and then it was DINNER TIME! With a cultural dance show chucked in for good measure, where they had us up dancing with them. Then it was time to hit the sack (after a skype session with the parents and Pierrick) for a long day of activities tomorrow!

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