Sunday, 27 September 2015

Yoga and new people!

Sunday was a chilled day again. We were supposed to go up Sarangot for sunrise but the weather wasn't supposed to be good so instead we went for yoga at 9am after a fried doughnut which looked like a bagel, with an egg in the middle and tons of syrup, for breakfast (apparently its a Tibetan thing!)

Yoga was pretty good, we did it with Yogasala which is down by the Busy Bee Cafe. It was supposed to be 500 rupees each (£3.50) but as there was 3 of us (a German girl Maren joined us) we got a discount - 3 for 2! The Nepalese yoga teacher is awesome he is like a slightly subdued Borat - with the tash and everything! His laugh is hilarious and so loud! He's quite eccentric but this just makes the lesson more fun!

The class was an hour and a half and we went through quite a few yoga poses plus a little meditation and breathing exercises. So because we had a good experience we decided to go back again every other day if we could. Alternating it with some free meditation down at Osho Divine which we would try out soon.

The rest of the day was chilling again, I went for a walk and on the way a nepalese guy fell off his motorcycle. So me and another guy stopped to make sure he was ok. Turns out this guy was English (Bart) and he was with two girls one from Australia (Natalie) and one from Finland (Hanne). Also turns out they were staying at the same place as me! So I tagged along with them on a shopping trip for a bit, bought some trousers and then headed back. We had a whole massive group of new arrivals today, as some people that Bart and the girls knew were hoping to get beds in Kiwi, which they did, a group of about 5 Australian guys - who I found out later were the group of Australians that the Scottish girl I met in Kathmandu was on tour with as they told the same story as her - and a German girl Juliette who was studying in Kathmandu and volunteering as she was studying disaster relief or something.

So that evening the entire hostel decided to go for a meal as it was Tim's (german guy) birthday - his american friend had got him a cake to share with us all, and the cake design was truely ironic! The 'nazi' symbol which is also a huge symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism - so it was also embracing the culture here as well as a slight dig lol. But the innocent nepalese who made it down at the German Bakery probably didn't have a clue that it was a bad thing too, just thought that maybe 'Tim' was a hindu/buddhist! Lol

We all decided to go to a local restaurant round the corner from us as it was so cheap compaired to all the tourist restauranta by the lake. However this was probably an error as by now we had all realised that food was brought out on Nepalese time - ie: they cook one dish at a time so you get your meals at different times. So knowing this we should have chosen wiser than for 15 of us to just stumble into a tiny restaurant expecting them to cook us food quickly haha. But they did so with big smiles on their face as we probably just kept their business alive for a whole week! It did'nt matter that from order to the last meal being served it took 2 and a half hours! But it made us all chat and get to know each other better.

We had intended to check out the world tourism day festival down on the main street but by the time we had finished eating it had all shut down as in Nepal most things shut around 10-11pm. So instead we all went back to the hotel and called it a night, although Australians being Australians had to keep it going til 3pm with copious amounts of beer!

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