Monday, 19 November 2012

Chai and sauce on a cramped moving public bus = Disaster!

Monday 19th Nov

The bus was as good as yesterdays, a sleeper bus where we again took up all the seats. This one was a lot busier though and people were sat on each other as well as the aisles and bunks, with all their luggage. We also think there were people on the roof of the bus as someone was sick later on and it went all over the windows on our side! We stopped at a service station which me and Laura never thought we’d get to (we were busting for the loo). I think if there’s one thing India has taught me – it’s the art of squatting for a wee! 

We then brought some food (Samosa’s and Pakora’s with a green pickle sauce) and some very very hot Chai...however...the bus was just about to leave, we literally just had time to board before it started moving – Yash was hanging off the door! And we had to get through and over a sea of people to get to our seats – with hot chai and food/sauce. Needless to say, Laura’s sauce flew EVERYWHERE! All over the people sitting on the aisle and over Silvia and herself. Without my knowledge, Laura had then bet Paul that my chai would go everywhere did! It went all over this poor woman’s head!! Lol I managed to navigate to my seat by just standing on people and tripping everywhere, and turned up without my cup so everyone was in fits of laughter – I’d managed to save the food and sauce though!! 

We arrived in Udaipur at around 2-3pm, it was actually an enjoyable bus ride. Our hotel here was amazing – way too posh for our tour! But we weren’t complaining. We then went on a quick walk to the lake – Udaipur is definitely my favourite place since Rishikesh. We watched the sunset over the lake then Yash took us to his house which he shared with his mother and the fattest sausage dog ever, and we had tea and some Indian sweets – which were nice but not nice enough to have a lot of. Everyone but Laura, me, Paul, Ali and Josie went to an Indian dance show, but we needed a shower and to chill a bit before tonight which was going to be another messy one! So Yash got his jeep and he drove us back to the hotel. His jeep is bloody amazing, no doors, benches in the back, open roof and no windscreen etc – basically just a shell of an amazing car, very cool and stylish like Yash himself. 

Freshened up then headed to the rooftop of the hotel, where there were two other G Adventures tour groups as well, so we all just kept separate at first but as soon as the drink came out we all started to mingle. It was a funny, eventful night, arguments and all (basically Laura bit Ali, teasing, and he’s not that kinda guy, so took offence, refused to settle the situation which made Laura upset and then it all just escalated from there until more drink got involved and Ali went in pursuit of some girl) and again we didn’t get to bed until 6am!

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