Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Amazing Udaipur!

Tuesday 20th Nov

After only 4hrs sleep we got ready (took us 3hours to move) and left around 2pm to just do our own thing together. We went to the cable car which was a bloody long slog and had to ask several people how to get there cos we could see it but couldn’t actually get to the bloody thing! There were some amazing views at the top of the mountain though so it was worth it and we spent a few hours up there. We then went to get a boat ride around the lake and we timed it just right – just in time for sunset! Got some awesome pictures and then took a walk back where we spotted a whole group of monkey’s so stayed there for ages taking pictures and just watching them jump across each other and carry their babies. 

We then just had a lazy night – the rest of the group went to a restaurant and had food whilst watching Occtopussy (James Bond movie that was filmed in Udaipur), but we didn’t fancy it so we rocked up to US Pizza, got a takeaway and sat in bed watching Bridesmaids with our Pizza! Bliss! We are up again at 5.30am for a train to Pushkar tomorrow so an early night it is!

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