Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - The Beatles Ashram

Wednesday 7th Nov

So yea, Yoga didn’t happen! I got up with every intention of going, but I just fell back asleep again until 9. Sam came over about half 9 and we went for breakfast – Masala Omelette and hash browns, which were basically potatoes cooked in onions and some kinda soya sauce gravy. Then we met Mona, the Nepalese woman who was conducting Sam’s Reiki 2 course. She took us to her Guesthouse which was through some tiny path in a forest, about a 15min walk away, as she only stays here 4 months of the year for her business. She had to show me where she’s staying as tomorrow I’m going to be someone for Sam to practise her Reiki on, plus Mona wanted to check my Chakra.

Sam and I agreed to meet at an Ayurvedic cafe down in Swarg Ashram later, and I went off in search of the now derelict Beatles Ashram ‘Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram’ for some sightseeing. It’s basically the ashram they stayed at in the 1960’s and wrote most of the White Album there. The songs are supposed to be based on their experiences here.  

It’s one of the last places you come to along the river in Swarg Ashram and there are tons of Monkey’s in this area! I had to pay 50 rupees0to get in, and was adopted by a small group of 6 Mexicans as ‘it’s too scary to go in on your own!’ But it was really lovely to do it with them actually, as I also got a bit of background info about the place and they were really lovely people. I took photos for them, they took photos for me! I had also brought teddies with me for some photo op’s and they absolutely loved the idea of ‘Travelling Teddies’ and took tons of photo’s of them – including for themselves! I spent about an hour and a half there, and after, headed to the Ayurvedic Cafe for some ‘Brahmi Juice’ – absolutely amazing stuff! 

Then we headed to Lakshman Jhula for some Momos, chips and Spinach Paratha at this little restaurant we hadn’t seen before, which probably had the most amazing view and traditional lounge seats ever! So we sat, chatted, ate and then did a spot more shopping before heading up to Tapovan for a meditation class we’d heard about and Mona had recommended to us. It’s based on the Osho technique (a famous guru/swami, who has an ashram that practises ‘free love’ – not sure what it means? Look it up!) It was an hour long and involved 15mins of silent meditation, followed by 15mins of dance meditation, 15mins of sitting meditation and 15mins of laying down meditation. For my first ever experience of actual meditation, it wasn’t so bad. We liked it so much we’ve decided to go every night – it just really relaxes you! It felt a bit awkward dancing/shaking around, but if you close your eyes and listen to the music, you forget about everyone else in the room and just go for it! It was also all done in the dark, so no-one could see you anyway.

After we just went for a meal back at Bhandari and met David, a German guy who’s fresh out of high school and taking a year out0before going back to study. We’ve now adopted him as a new friend and plan to meet up tomorrow for the Osho meditation class again. 

Now I’m just writing my blog! Sam is going to yoga tomorrow morning but I have no cash left, so instead am heading out early to the bank to get another wad of cash out, as they only take cash here, and everywhere wants small change which is a challenge when all cash points hands out are 1000 rupee bills! I may also book a 12hour tour/day in the Himalayas for Friday or Saturday and maybe also book for white water rafting one day, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see! 

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  1. Sounds like ur making new friends and enjoying it. everything I read your blogs makes me so jel and makes India appear better in my eyes now lol x Skype u to.yr with father enjoy dude from Natalie