Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Whiskey and Special Lassi's makes for a lazy day!

Tuesday 6th Nov

Today was pretty much a write-off! Yoga was missed because we’d stayed up til 4-5am chatting and so we just stayed in Otto’s room that morning until 1pm watching Aussie Junior Master Chef, Grey’s Anatomy, 3 Men and a Baby and How I Met Your Mother, because these were the only English programmes on. Then Sam qnd I decided we really should eat and maybe you know, shower?  

So we made our way to Little Buddha where we had Nutella pancakes and stir-fried veg, whilst lazing around watching the view. We then headed back to our guesthouses and booked ourselves an Ayurvedic Massage for 6pm at the place just opposite my room. 

Had our massage which was amazing, showered and then headed to the Beatles Cafe, on our side of the river – which had another amazing view. I had a Paneer Palak, which was cheese cooked in a spinach sauce, with Chapatti and rice. It was ok but the sauce didn’t really taste of much. We then wanted to walk into town and do some shopping, but for some strange evening everything was shut early! So we took it as a sign we needed an early night plus it's getting very cold here at night (to the point where my pink fluffy dressing gown is very much missed) so we didn't feel like staying out.

On the way back some stupid kid nearly blew us up with a firecracker! But other than that it was probably the quietest night in India I will ever see the whole time I’m here. It was eerily quiet. So we headed in, I wrote a bit of my blog and we agreed we’d try qnd get up for yoga the next morning, but if we’re too tired, we’d just meet for Breakie before Sam had to start the Reiki course she’d booked up for.

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