Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pushkar, a bollywood movie and some frickin weird dreams!

Wednesday 21st Nov

We got a local train to Ajmer and then jeeps into Pushkar as there isn’t a train station there and not much transport is allowed into the city. The train was very local, normal chair car rather than AC Chair Car and nearly had a bust-up with an Indian family who insisted we were in the wrong seats and we insisted we wasn’t...until Yash told us we were...woops! So then we had to move all our bags again into the next carriage down – damn u Yash! 

When we got there we had to exit the train quickly as it only stopped for a couple minutes, which made us all panic but then a whole load of people decided before we were all off to start shoving and pushing their way on!! So we pushed back with our bags to get off the train and eventually we all did unscathed. Got to Pushkar and our hotel, freshened up, had lunch, then went on another frickin’ Orientation walk – these are basically just me and Laura trailing behind at the back, trying to keep up with everyone and Yash power-walking - so you don’t get to see much and u can’t hear him through all the noise so we see little point in them! 

We also went into the only Brahma temple in India – wasn’t really all that much to see (perhaps we’re just losing the sight-seeing buzz now?), and then we went shopping at the market before going to have a meal at a restaurant near the hotel. This meal was good, however we had to watch the longest ever bollywood movie in the world, Om Shanti Om! It was fine for the first hour and a half - but 3 hours?! There were several places it could have ended, but it just went on and on and it was soooo cheesy, especially after the guy was reincarnated! Then we just had an earlyish night before visiting the Pushkar Camel Fair in the morning. However me and Laura reckon our tea must have been spiked with something from the Special Lassi's, as some funny shit happened before we went to sleep!

We were both dropping off to sleep and had some weird dreams where we thought we were still awake and kept shouting things aloud. For example, Laura shouted out "Christina, someone's stealing my bag!" I shat myself thinking there was someone in the room, but nope, it was Laura having a dream about someone stealing her bag and her not being able to stop them cos she was too weak! Then I had a dream where I laughed out loud and Laura got spooked by that, I also had a dream where a pack of stray dogs were attacking me while Laura did nothing! lol Laura went on to dream about midget camels, and also shouted out "I'm not having a shower now for christ sake!" me: "errr I should hope not it's frickin 1am!" Another dream! So yea an earlyish night turned into a late night because of our freaky dreams!

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