Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sod the bus...let's get a taxi!

Thursday 15th Nov

We woke up from the Camel safari at sunrise and tried to warm up after breakie. Then we took camel carts back to the road, had a go at some camel driving before heading back to the hotel to freshen up. Me and Laura just spent the afternoon at the market, which wasn’t really a market, so we went to a ‘textile shop’ to find some clothes but the guys were really pushy so we refused and left. 

Then a group of us drove to the ‘Rat Temple’ (forgot the real name) but basically they believe a goddesses son came back in the form of a rat, so there are now 20,000 rats allowed in this one tiny temple. It’s any rat haters idea of hell, they’re just running around under your feet, drinking milk, fighting each other, humping each other, it was vile! 

After we went back to the hotel and I was knackered, but Laura went to get a cup of tea from the bar, and came back with a rum and coke. Before I knew it I’d had a shower and was having a very strong Gin and Lemonade at the funky tiny hotel bar. We got very drunk (we basically had gin, rum, white wine, red wine, beer, dark rum and whiskey). 

I’d managed to find a statue the same height as me and was dancing with him which everyone found hilarious and there’s a million photo’s of me and this ‘Rajdeep’ as I’d named him. We then decided there was no way we were getting up at 6am for the public train for 6-7hrs so we booked a taxi with the hotel to take us - £10 each for a 6 hr journey, compared to a stuffy packed train? Yup! Especially as we rocked to bed at 5.30am when everyone else would have been getting up, there was no way we were catching that train!!

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