Friday, 16 November 2012


Friday 16th Nov

We basically just spent the day travelling. We left at 10.30/11am, all really hanging and ill. Stopped off at a service station/motel for a rest and food which wasn’t that great, but it did make us feel a little better. Arrived at Jaisalmer at around 5pm. Jaisalmer was so so lovely, it was an old mughal sandstone fortress with tiny streets and little shops and temples dotted around. The architecture was amazing. There was no transport but motorbikes allowed inside so we got a little tuk tuk up and then just walked to the hotel, where me and Laura had the shittest room. But we freshened up, I took a crazy motorbike ride down to the cash point outside of the fort cos I’d run out of money about 3 days ago. 

Then we went for a meal on the roof top of the restaurant next door to us (our hotel was within the fort walls so the rooftops had a magnificent view across Jaisalmer new town and the desert) and the sun set our side too so we had some awesome sunsets. Tomorrow we’re planning on doing a tour of the fort plus some temples, havelis and maybe a lake.

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