Saturday, 17 November 2012

You want Indian Spicy? Ok good luck!

Saturday 17th Nov

We had a tour guide who took us on a walk through the streets in the fort and took us to a few temples. He explained about some weird looking paintings on the walls of the houses, which were actually the way they send out wedding invitations, by painting them on the walls, inviting all the neighbourhood/city basically! Way cheaper and easier than sending out decorated cards to everyone! We then ventured outside of the fort and went into the new town to see some havelis and also spend some time in one as they showed us all the tapestries, pashmina scarves and bedsheets etc. I was tempted to buy something but it was mega expensive so I decided against it in the end. 

Then we went for a meal at a posh restaurant, but it was super nice food so we forgot about the prices. Me and Ali had a Mutton Lal Maans curry that was typical for Rajasthan which Yash had recommended, we’d asked for it to be spicy...and we bloody got spicy!! Though it was just right, anything more and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. We then had the option to visit a lake for sunset, but me and Laura were knackered so I took an opportunity to catch up on some of the blog and some internet time and we both just chilled until dinner which Laura didn’t fancy so it was just me, a few of the girls and Paul. Yash took us outside the city walls to a really nice rooftop restaurant so we just chatted, ate and then had an early night as we were to meet at 5.30am the next morning for a public bus – 6 hrs journey – yay!

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