Thursday, 29 November 2012

A late check-out and a 3rd class overnight train!

Varanasi Day 3

We had to check out at 12, me and Laura woke up at 11, we hadn’t packed, were still drunk and felt like poop, so instead we phoned down to reception to ask if we could have extra check out time, Yash answered and found it absolutely hilarious (must have still been drunk too), but turns out we couldn’t have the room any longer. So we rushed around packing, getting ready and singing songs – because we were still drunk of course! Managed to get out of the room by 12.30, which was a major achievement, only half hour late, go us! However we stopped by Yash’s room...and he was still in frickin bed!! So it was ok for him to keep his room then!!

We then had another free day before our night train to Delhi that eve, so because the hangovers had started to kick in, me, Ali, Laura and Paul headed off to Maccy D’s again, in the hopes that it would cure the didn’t! But it did help a little. Then we just went back to the hotel and slept on the grass of the rooftop until dinner. Then it was time to head to the station, on another mental tuk tuk ride.

This time we all had bunks together, only problem was it was 3-tier, in sleeper class, the lowest of the low! Me, Laura, Paul, Julie, Josie, Lucy, Yash and Ali all shared a compartment (it was all open tho, no curtains on sleeper class!) and we just stayed up playing Millionnaire on Yash’s phone, and the alphabet countries/capital cities/chocolate bar game, until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer. At least this time we wouldn’t have to get up until around 9am as the train got in around 10.

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