Friday, 30 November 2012

Chaaaaai Chaaaaai! GET LOST!

Delhi (again), last day of tour!

We were rudely awoken by a whole gang of Chai Wallas who insisted on just standing around our area shouting ‘Chaaaaai Chaaaaai’, que a whole load of us shouting at them to get lost, which was quite amusing. Took them about 10mins to get the hint though!

We arrived back at the hotel and just spent the day blogging, booking flights etc, as I was sick of Delhi by this point and didn't wanna do anymore sightseeing there!

We then went for our last tour dinner at a nearby restaurant. Before this we were faffing around, Laura told me it was 6.40, so we thought we could keep faffing, until I looked at my clock and it was actually 6.55 - 5mins til we had to be ready!! Crazy mad rush to get ready, we just chucked on the first clothes we could find, for me it was my I love Khao San road t-shirt - classy! True to form we were 15mins late and the last to arrive - couldn't break tradition on the last night!

My stomach was playing up so just had rice, but wasn't bad enough to not have a few pina colada's! Yash then took us to a crazy posh club in a hotel, where we threw a few shapes on the dancefloor and tried out some bollywood dancing with locals. At the end it was just me Laura, Paul and Yash, so on the way home Laura and Paul wanted food so Yash took us back to his G Adventures place for some super spicy curry. I meanwhile slept in a random bed as I had fallen ill with my 24hr bug. We then walked an age back to the hotel which Yash told us was 'just around the corner'. It was mega cold - bear in mind it was winter in Delhi now - still only 15-16 degrees but for us after all the heat it was cold!

We went to bed but at around 4-5am I woke and projectile vomited all over my bed - couldn't make it to the bathroom!! Laura went to find the light gagging as it was making her feel sick and then I managed to find the bathroom to finish off and clean up! So yea, great last night up north! Bring on Kerala!


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