Friday, 21 December 2012

My return to Thailand! Sawàt dee kâ!

21st Dec 2012 - Sawàt dee kâ (hello) Thailand!

So I left my hostel in Mumbai early in the morning for the airport. I checked in and felt really sad boarding the plane to Thailand, as I didn't want to leave India. However I was really excited for Thailand as I'd get to see Nikki for a couple of days to party down Khao San and Laura, Paul, Laith and Andrew were coming nearer to Christmas. Also Nikki had just planned to come with us to Koh Phangan for Christmas! YAY! 

On the plane I was sat next to a Chinese guy wearing an anti-germ mask(?!) and one reading BLATANT porn on his Ipad. Trust me to always be seated next to the weirdos! Then halfway through my 4 hour flight a severely ill young girl who had downs syndrome a few rows back needed medical attention as she couldn't breathe and kept throwing up, so the 'if anyone is a doctor on board this flight please make yourself know to a flight attendant' message came over the speakers. So for the rest of the flight they were seeing to her and the whole plane STANK of her vomit! Yep that weirdo magnet and disaster zone tornado has struck me again!

Arrived at Bangkok airport, did a little hop, skip and jump as I was dead excited now...until I realised I had run out of credit on my phone so couldn't contact Nikki to meet up! Grrrr. So grabbed my bags and made my way down to the train as it was cheaper than getting a taxi. Luckily there were pay phones and an internet boothe/machine there so I contacted Nikki and made my way on the express train to the centre of Bangkok and then took a short taxi ride to Khao San Road - the main backpacker hub in Bangkok, for partying, cheap accommodation, and shopping.

When I arrived I checked my bags into our hostel for the next 3 nights, grabbed myself a Thai sim card from 7/11 (oh how I've missed you 7/11) and then parked myself at Silk Bar and waited for Nikki to come, whilst downing an ice cold Singha beer as it was so so hot and humid! I'd forgotten how hot and humid Bangkok got! 
When Nikki arrived we went for a meal in the slightly cheaper street next to Khao San and then went to get ready for our first night on the KS road! We started off in Silk Bar for the ever popular Bucket cocktails (alcohol and mixer, or some of their lethal red bull, in an actual bucket, I kid you not, for only £4). We were soon joined by Aaron, from Australia and his friend from the UK (can't remember his name), who were looking for some party partners so we drank and danced and were generally crazy with them the whole night. Laith rocked up around 12am and so we partied with him too. He bought a round of shots for everyone including some of the Silk Bar staff, they loved it and thought we were all absolutely crazy! Then the Scorpion-seller came around and Aaron ate one but we really couldn't, however I did terrorise Laith with one! Laith also decided it was a good idea to buy a Finding Nemo Balloon, god knows why!

 Me and Nikki decided as it was near Xmas and there were no Xmas songs, we'd run (or hop and skip drunkenly) up and down the road singing as many Christmas songs as we could until we could run no more! We then stayed around Irish bar for a bit before harassing the security guy at 7/11, he loved us really. We then tried stealing a tuk tuk, Laith somehow managed to catapult himself onto the roof. The tut tuk driver found it all hilarious, until we posed a risk of actually stealing it. Laith then somehow disappeared for a while and me, Nikki and Aaron all went on a wonder to look at the crazy sunglasses we'd seen earlier. So obviously this was a massive picture opportunity for me and Nikki, while Aaron stood and watched us helplessly, thinking we were lunatics probs! haha We went crazy on the collection of sunglasses, trying them on, taking pictures, the stall owner thought he was defo gonna get a purchase out of us but nope, we just left after and he went crazy! "Why you try and no buy?!" So we just legged it.
The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, I remember dancing with Laith and one of the little kids who went around selling roses - they weren't allowed to go home until they'd sold all of them. So Laith bought the whole lot and handed them around and the kid was so so happy! He danced with us for a while. We lost Aaron. Some dudes came up to Laith to tell him to get away from me as somehow they got the impression he was pestering me, even though I repeatedly told them he was my friend. They were ready to throttle him! We then lost Laith. Me and Nikki got food and then I think we rocked in at 5 or 6am? I can't be too sure on that though...

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