Monday, 28 January 2013

Decisions Decisions...and the Philippines!

28th January - Bangkok

We woke up early to say goodbye to Laith as he had an early morning flight then went back to sleep for a bit. Then woke up at 9 to go and have breakfast, to pack and then to say goodbye to Andrew as his flight was that afternoon. Laura and Paul went with him to the airport and I stayed behind to check out and get advice on my Vietnam Visa - it's stamped for entry in April, but Songkran, the Thai New Year in is April which I've always wanted to do, so I wanted to change my entry date to give me a full month in Vietnam. Turns out I have to apply for a new visa, more money!

I then had a couple of hours with some big decisions to make, of where I was going to head after the Philippines. As after researching last night we realised you had to show the airline your return ticket otherwise you couldn't get a tourist visa into the Philippines. So we basically had to purchase both our ticket to the Philippines and our ticket out of the Philippines today.

I couldn't return back to Thailand with the others as even though I have a 6 month Visa I only had 3 entries on it, one has already been used, a 2nd will be used for Songkran and a 3rd will be when I come back to do the Islands, so I couldn't enter again before these. So that ruled out one country. So it was either Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam.

After a heavy debate with myself I eventually settled on the idea of going to Vietnam first, getting it out of the way and applying for the visa as I'd know the exact dates I was entering. I'd fly into Hanoi, head south and then across into Cambodia for a couple of weeks at the end of March, before heading back up to Chiang Mai in Thailand for Songkran and doing the other places in mainland Thailand I hadn't been able to see yet. Then head over to Laos on the slow boat and then back to Cambodia if I'd missed anything in the short time there and then down to the Islands in Thailand, then Malaysia. Phew! But you know how travelling works, it will all go pear shaped!

So Laura and Paul came back and we booked our flights to the Philippines for that evening at 9pm. I booked my return flight to Vietnam - it took me forever to press the 'submit' button on the payment option as A. it was expensive, B. it was via Singapore for a day and night which was annoying and C. it was bloody scary knowing that after the Philippines I'd be totally travelling on my own for the first time since my first 2 weeks in India!

We then just spent the day shopping down Khao San road, I got some more earrings, 5 pairs for 100 baht (£2). Went to Maccy D's, sat at Irish Bar for a couple of hours to pass the time and then got a taxi to the airport for around 7pm.

Then it was bye bye Thailand until April and hello Philippines for 18 days! As if we're going to the Philippines, still feels surreal, still no plans and still haven't a clue what we're doing there! AND I'm heading to Vietnam after on my tod - seriously?! I'm not so sure anymore! lol

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