Sunday, 27 January 2013

Why hello again Bangkok!

27th Jan 2013 - Koh Samet to Bangkok

Arose, packed, again had left everything til last minute so had a mad accommodation search but as usual everything but the expensive places were full! So we left it to fate and decided to try our chances at finding something when we got there.

Got to the port and we ended up on some really dodgy little ferry that took forever to set off and was so so slow! Once we got to the mainland we had a short walk to the bus where we stopped off at the 7/11 for food before hand. We then had a nice 4hr ride back to Bangkok.

Arrived at around 7pm at Eakmai station and then got a taxi to Khao San Road to search for accom. Ended up staying at the slightly posher Dang Derm hotel for £10 for the night. It was a pretty nice room but it was really noisy as it was facing onto Khao San.

Then me, Laura and Paul had to decide upon where we were going next once Laith and Andrew left us tomorrow to go home. Laura and Paul only had two weeks left. It was originally either Laos or Cambodia. But Laura and Paul had already been to both places and I would be staying on for longer than two weeks as I wanted to make use of the full month visas. So we were just sitting there when Laura asked me just as a passing question, "Do you want to do the Philippines?", I took this to mean, let's go, so I answered "Yea I'm up for it are you?", "what actually do the Philippines?" and then it all stemmed from here. I hadn't been, neither had Laura or Paul so it was therefore decided that we were heading off to the Philippines TOMORROW! AS IF!

We searched for flights and turns out we could get one to Clark near Manila for £60 single or £100 return if we wanted to. So we went out for a meal and then came back and researched/lonely-planet-revised a bit more on the Philippines. We had no idea what we were doing, where we were going, but we had made an unexpected travel curveball and we were sticking to it!

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