Saturday, 9 February 2013

8hr boat journey = a little piece of hell!

Saturday 9th Feb

Today I spent 8hrs on a bench, on a boat, with nothing but my Ipod and a bit of sun lounging to help me through! It was a long ass day. We set sail on a slightly bigger Bangka boat, with only hard wooden benches for seats, unless you used your life jacket for a little padding. The only good thing is you could sunbathe on the top deck or the two aisles down the side of the boat. It was a pretty scenic ride as it wasn't open sea, we wound through islands and islets. But did I mention it was 8hours?! And the water was pretty rough at times, I never get seasick but I felt it today! I met an Aussie guy travelling on his own too, living and working in Saigon, Vietnam so we chatted for a while, slept in the sun, they fed us chicken and rice and then we arrived at around 4pm to El Nido.

I hadn't managed to book any accommodation so I took a tricycle to search, but turns out that the first place I went to (La Banane Hostel) had dorm beds free so I took it straight away. It was a 9 bed dorm and when the other dorm was decorated by tomorrow there would be 18 people to one shower and toilet - but it would do - I was only paying £4 a night so I can't complain, plus it was right on the beach and had it's own open-air bar/lounge area and across the street it's own food bar. I then went to check out the area, went for a drink in a seafront bar, had a shower and experienced a powercut again (El Nido was even more temperamental than Coron, and there is no electricity between 6am and 2pm, and regular powercuts in the evenings). I met a Canadian and Italian dude who were travelling together and staying in the same dorm as me so chatted to them for a bit. Then decided to go and book an Inland Tour to go see the villages and life in the real El Nido, which set off tomorrow (Sunday).

I then went out for something to eat, and who walked into the same restaurant just after me? Aussie Dude! So we sat and had dinner together and then I headed to bed after a walk down the beach to check out what else was on offer beach-bar wise.

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