Friday, 8 February 2013

Mt Tapyas and last day in Coron

Friday 8th Feb

Checked out of Coron Backpackers and checked back into Sea Coral Resort as Laura and Paul were headed back today and I went and did some more blogging. Went to check on our boat tickets for El Nido tomorrow and turns out the lady had sold them to someone else - the next boat wasn't until Monday!! So I shouted at her because we'd requested to reserve them and she hadn't done her job and then made up some rubbish about having a flight to catch on Monday so we had to get on that boat. She said she'd let me know later if there was room. Grrrrr.

At lunch I received a facebook message from Laura saying that they couldn't get off their island resort today so wouldn't be coming back til tomorrow - which is when we planned to leave for El Nido and I was left with a triple room to pay for! I was a little annoyed and upset as it basically meant I would be heading off on my own and probably wouldn't see them again until at least our last day in Manila. So we wouldn't have a proper goodbye etc and travelling on my own all of a sudden felt scary! But I vented for a bit and managed to get the price reduced on the room a little, still ended up paying a lot but hey ho.

I then got over it and decided for my last day in Coron I would climb Mt Tapyas for sunset. Before I left I got a call from the boat ticket lady saying she'd managed to get me a ticket - yay! So I went and bought that then headed on up the 700 steps of Mt Tapyas, stopping every 100 or so to admire the view (or just catch my breath!)
When I reached the summit I walked around, met some teenagers who I chatted to for a little, took some pictures and stayed up there for an hour or so until the sun began to set. I also met Simone from Denmark who was travelling on her own and had come to see sunset too. So we chatted and watched it together - the view was amazing! We then agreed to meet for dinner as it was my last night.

So went back to shower and met again at 8pm. We went to a little local joint and had food and beers, it was nice to meet someone that I clicked with instantly. Turned out she was doing Vietnam too around the same time as me but starting from the south, whereas I was starting from the north, so you never know, maybe we'd see each other along the way!

I then went back to pack and had an early night for my 7am boat trip to El Nido tomorrow.

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