Sunday, 24 February 2013

Citadels and free shots = a smack on the urinals!

24th Feb – Hue

So I arrived at 8.30am after the night bus. Couldn’t check in until 12pm so I decided to have breakfast and freshen up and then take a look at what the city had to offer. I was told that there wasn’t much to see and do unless u forked out for the tours the hostel offered, which were expensive – and they were right! It was peeing it down with rain but I thought, meh, what’s a bit of rain, I can’t always do nothing when it’s bad weather. So I bought an umbrella from the shop next door, grabbed a map and went off on a walk by the river and across the bridge towards the Citadel.

I got lost a little but eventually found my way – though I find getting lost in cities is the best way to see them and I did see some rather cute things, like the local pet store, a cute little street of local houses (or shacks), some nice food/coffee places and loads and loads of cyclos  trying to get me to ride with them – You – cyclo? You – buy this? You – trip to Pagodas? No thanks!

Got to the Citadel and went to have a look around, most of it was destroyed in the Vietnam War and they’ve managed to restore some buildings to look around and some are still ruins that will eventually be restored. The architecture of the main buildings were amazing though and even though it was wet I managed to walk around most of it – the place is huge! It’s basically the ‘city’ or house/building complex which was inhabited by the Emperor and his family and guards. I then got accosted by a group of Vietnamese young adults who 'made' me put on some traditional Empress costume and proceed to take photo's on the thrones and such with them:

I then headed to the market but didn't stay long as I was super hungry and was lacking in energy, so headed back towards the hostel in search of food - found a lovely street vendor for Bun Bo Hue - beef noodle soup. I then went back to the place I bought my umbrella from as it had broken pretty much the second I'd left the shop earlier. Proceeded to have an argument with the lady who sold it - I either wanted 30,000 dong back and it fixed, or a full refund! I literally camped out there until she did something - in the end she sewed it up and gave me 30,000 dong back (£1 off the price) - score!

Then went back to the hostel and chilled for a bit before skyping the rentals and Lindsey and then befriending Maura, a girl from Scotland during a pretty awesome happy hour.

And then later bumping into Tom, one of the guys I knew in Hanoi - everyone is on the same route and everyone stays at the same places so you always end up bumping into people again. So the drinks were rolling during happy hour 1 (beer and vodka) and happy hour 2 (cocktails - one too many Capirinhas!) And THEN came all the free shots...well... after 2-3 coffee shots and a few too many 'ass' shots (god knows what was in em!) I don't actually remember anything other than we went somewhere else that night, which the next day I found out was Brown Eyes bar - their slogan being 'open from 5pm until the last one passes out' - appropriate!

The next day the girl I'd spent a lot of the night with - Ella from Sweden - who I'd apparently asked her name and where she was from about 5 times before I got it, said that the highlight of the night was watching me lean against a 'wall' in the toilets, which wasn't a wall but instead the doors to the mens loos, falling through them and smacking my head on the urinals - classy lady that I am! Definitely know how to make impressions on new friends!

The next day was pretty much a chill day, I wanted to leave for Hoi An but the buses were full so I booked another night in the hostel and booked for the 8am bus the next day (Tuesday). Spent the day blogging, skyped Amanda, chatting to Ella and a lot of other hungover people and met Maura again in the evening. Then just had an early night before heading to Hoi An in the morning - where there would hopefully be sun!!

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