Saturday, 23 February 2013

Overnight Pod-bus to Hue!

23rd Feb
So went to collect my phone and they hadn’t been able to mend it – to be honest I don’t even think they’d tried! Went to another phone shop but they wouldn’t be able to do it in a day so I just headed back to the hostel. Iris and I had some breakfast, then she went off to do a last day of sightseeing and I went and had a lovely long hot shower. Then came down to get a bit more information about a national park I may do after Hue and blogged for a bit. Iris came back and we went for a last lunch together before she went off for some more sightseeing and I spent the day doing some more of my blog as I just wanted to get it done and up-to-date as otherwise I would just keep getting behind even more! Wanted a fresh start in Hue. So we said our goodbyes just in case she wouldn’t see me before I left. I then waited for my bus, Lorna and Marie had returned from their Halong Bay trip so it was really nice to say goodbye to them too before I left – I hate leaving without saying goodbye to people, especially those I’ve spent a lot of time with!

Time for the bus! Two guys from Birmingham from the hostel also joined me and we got a taxi included in the price to the place where the bus was picking us up. Arrived and it seemed other than a couple of Vietnamese men we were the only ones getting on at that stop, so we had the pick of the best seats – except they weren’t seats, they were pod-like beds! It was the coolest sleeper bus I’ve ever seen, the seats practically reclined all the way back into semi-like beds, and then there was a little pod that you put your feet into. You got a blanket and pillow and there were lower deck beds (which I got as I hate the rocking motion on the top bunks), and there were top bunks. The back was a little too cosy for my liking – five beds up and down which were bang smack on top of/next to other people so we chose the front. Then it stopped further down the way where it picked up the majority of the backpackers – we were so glad we got on first now as it was a fight for the best seats, especially when there were a family of Chinese people to fight against (they won). Then we set off on our 14hr journey. The bus stopped a few times along the route for toilet and weirdly a food break at midnight(?!). And then we arrived around 8.30am in Hue right in front of the backpackers hostel – bonus!

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