Thursday, 14 February 2013

Last day in the Philippines...

14th Feb

Awoke earlyish (10am) and then got things prepared for my flight early tomorrow morning (would have to leave Manila at 2am)! Then I went to the Mall of Asia which is the biggest Mall i’ve ever seen! I got a few cosmetics as it stocks all the things that other S.E.Asia countries don’t stock (like my facial washes and stuff) and tried to look for another MP3 player but nowhere seemed to sell them so I’m waiting until Vietnam or Singapore in the hopes that they’ll be cheap! I had lunch in the food court – 90 pesos for rice, chicken katsu, stir-fried veg and soup and also treated myself to a Cinnabon.

Then I just went back to the hostel to chill for a bit before meeting Laura and Paul for a drink and some food to say our goodbyes, as they were going back to Bangkok before Laura headed to Australia and Paul headed back to Ireland.

After catching up on the last few days we’d spent apart (Laura and Paul couldn’t get the boat to El Nido on Monday so instead went back to Manila and did the rice terraces up north in Banaue), we said our goodbyes – though I am hoping to meet Laura again in Australia so it was a temporary farewell. Then I headed back to the hostel, packed and went to bed.

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