Friday, 15 February 2013

Singapore for a day!

15th Feb 2013 - Singapore

Awoke at 2am after going to bed at 9pm, realised one of the guys from the hostel was headed to Clark airport too that morning so we shared a taxi to Trimona Mall and then got the bus to Clark airport (1hr and a half from Manila) at 3.30am, in total only costing us 300 pesos (about £4).

Arrived at Clark bang on 5am, checked in, got on flight to Singapore. I have a 22hr layover in Singapore so the plan is when I get there to store my bags at the airport and take advantage of the free 2hr tour around Singapore for layover passengers. Then come back for my bags and head back to Singapore to check into my hostel for the night.

Turned out the plan failed as you can’t go on the free tour if you’re picking up your bags/staying over night. So instead went through immigration, tried to get an airport shuttle but needed cash so went to get cash out – oh yes, that stupid Santander blocked it again! So had to ask the information desk if I could use their phone to unlock my card as had no credit and no cash to even use a payphone! Once got that sorted, went to check into youth hostel which is lovely! Quiet but I need that tonight as I’m gonna need some sleep! Then got them to detail out some sights for me to see on the map.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon going around those sights – Marina Baywalk, Singapore river walk, Central Financial District, and Merlion Park, which had a great view of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I also went to the food court in the mall near the hostel for some cheaper eats as restaurants were anything from $10 upwards!

Got pretty tired so came back to the hostel just as it started to rain and storm. So spent the rest of my evening planning, blogging, and chillaxing. Then around 7pm when it stopped raining I took a walk around China Town just to check it out, get some street food and then took an early night.

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