Sunday, 24 March 2013

CoCo - Rong!

We awoke and packed, I had my Rice Crispies, which I’d bought last night, from a glass. Maura wasn’t feeling too great, looks like she’d picked up a stomach bug so I went to book us tickets to Koh Rong for 1.30pm that afternoon, as our hotel only had tickets for the morning boat, which had already left! Then we took advantage of the swimming pool until it was time to leave. Said goodbye to the Canadians we’d met yesterday evening and then got our pickup to the boat. It was owned by the Koh Rong Dive Centre so lots of diver-type people headed to the island. The boat took 2 hours so we just got a crashmat on the top deck, slept, sunbathed and awaited our arrival.

Arrived around 4pm and we hadn’t pre-booked our accommodation so Maura stayed with the bags while I walk up the beach asking if there were any rooms at the inn! The place we wanted to stay, Paradise Bungalows, were $35 upwards so that was a no-go, Koh Rong Backpackers was cheap but under renovation so had hardly any water and electricity, so a no again.

Then I tried CoCo’s Bungalows which was where Maura was sitting at, and right next to the pier, it looked good and they had one bungalow left, for a price at $20, but we decided to take it. Turned out it was pretty good! We got two massive double beds, a shower, and a massive room, complete with hammock outside! It was also the coolest place to be by the looks of it as it was the busiest bar along the beach. Koh Rong is still pretty untouched so electricity was only from 6pm-1am and water was from a tank which only refilled at certain times in the day so if it ran out of water – you had to wait! So it was best to shower quickly, or shower before everyone else comes in from the beach and does the same thing!

So we had showers and went down to our restaurant for food and a cocktail. Then, as we were absolutely knackered we went to bed super-early (9pm) so we could get up early for some sun tomorrow – how rock’n’roll are we! However, everything shuts here at 1pm anyway, and it’s so chilled even the dogs are asleep by 9pm!

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