Saturday, 23 March 2013

Happy Birthday Maura!

It was Maura’s birthday today so we were headed to Sihanoukville for a night. We’d decided to get a nice room at a hotel, massages and hopefully a place that had a pool we could chill around. So we had breakfast at our place and caught our bus at 8am from Kampot...turns out it was a minibus that was overbooked, so 2 guys, me and Maura all had to squeeze onto the back seats for an hour until the stop off dropped off people headed to Bangkok. We then got a little more room!

We arrived in Sihanoukville around 12pm, we were dropped off at Otres beach which is the better, more chilled out beach with less tourists, but because it was a backpacker vibe, there was nowhere nice to stay! So we caught a tuk tuk into town to the main beach where all the resorts were to find a nice place. We eventually settled on Makara Hotel, which for $23 had a twin room with aircon, a pool and was just on the corner of Ochceutial beach. We couldn’t check in until 1pm so we headed into town for massages and food on the beach, then came back to jump in the pool. 

We literally then just chilled here for the rest of the afternoon, met some lovely Canadians – a girl and her husband were missionaries working in Phnom Penh and had recently just got married and were 3 months pregnant. Her mum and Sister had come to visit on holiday, so we just sat around chatting with them until the sun went down. We then had showers and decided to try out a LP recommendation for some nice grub. Took a tuk tuk to Serendipity beach to Sea View Resort and had the best meal of Cambodia so far! Cost us around $18 dollars each and we had a 3 course meal! We had Mango Bellini’s with our starters, I had Tuna steak with a honey and dill sauce. Then we both had steak for mains, Maura had a glass of red wine with hers – a treat for her Bday and then I had tiramisu for pudding, with a very strong pudding-cocktail! 

We then were very tired and full, so, instead of checking out the nightlife (as we'd be back after Koh Rong to do that) decided to head to the shop for some supplies as we’d run out of cosmetics and the like then headed back to the hotel. I skyped dad and then we just chilled until we were tired enough to sleep.

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