Friday, 29 March 2013

It's crazy who you meet in Dolphin Bar!

Awoke earlyish, had breakie and then booked our VIP boat trip to Koh Rong Saloulem for tomorrow. Then we just spent the day at Otres beach which was a 6km tuk tuk ride from Serendipity Beach. Sunbathed, watched sunset, then headed back to get freshened up and perhaps head out for another night at Dolphin.

So we hit up our Happy Hour again, then went back to Utopi-skank for their drink’s promos and some more laughing gas balloons. We met two British girls who were working there so we spent an hour being stupid with them, having free shots and the like. Then we headed off to Dolphin Bar and guess who had started working behind the bar? The Danish guy we’d met on the ‘crazy’ rooftop party in Ho Chi Minh City! The Scottish guy was there too, so we took advantage of the drinks promos and danced the night away.

We had a curfew tonight at 1am, as our boat trip left at 8.30am the next morning. So that time came around and I decided errr, nah 3am can be my curfew! Maura wasn’t feeling too great so she headed back. So I just stayed out dancing with Amy, the crazy dude who was wearing a dress, chatting to Danish guy behind the bar and just living up to my new slogan, given to me by the bar staff ‘You dance stupid not sexy!’ (Guess you can tell they think my dancing is stupid!)

Then I randomly bumped into...Aussie Jon from Sleepy Gecko back in Hoi An! Seems that Cambodia is the Sleepy Gecko re-union-ville! So we chatted, kept saying oh my god can’t believe we’ve met again, played drinking games (some weird Aussie game, that basically meant you got soaked with beer) and danced until my curfew hit. Aussie Jon and his mates are some serious Aussie surfer drinking dudes – completely different to the laid back, quiet, shy Jon I’d met back in Hoi An.

So on the stroke of 3am, I said my goodbyes to Jon (who was leaving for Bangkok tomorrow), the Danish guy (whose name I STILL can’t remember) and Amy (who was by this point sulking behind the bar because the guy she liked was hitting on someone else – ah the young) and headed home, with no shoes (I’d broken my flipflops and couldn’t find any to steal), and feeling quite drunk (tomorrow should be fun), and went to bed!

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