Saturday, 30 March 2013

Koh Rong Saloulem

Today was our boat trip, arose half hr before we needed to leave, there was by now, a full water shortage along our road so no showers for us! Got our tuk tuk to the boat with two very loud French dudes and a Swedish guy in his 60’s (my head was banging from the night before). Then boarded the boat and headed straight up to the top deck for some sleeping and sun-lounging. 

Was befriended by a German dude in Speedos – awkward! Then after an hour and a half we stopped at an island off-shore for some snorkelling and top-deck jumping. There was an awesome Australian couple who had 4 daredevil kids who all jumped from the top – including a 5yr old! Then it was lunch time and the bar for a few drinks during a 45min cruise to Koh Rong Saloulem – the smaller sister island to Koh Rong. When we arrived it was pure bliss – only our boat and the booze cruise boat was there, so it was practically deserted. Crystal clear sea, that was so salty you just floated, and it was calm and shallow for miles out. 

We spent about 2 hours here before heading back to the boat for a 2hr cruise back. So plenty of time for swimming, sunbathing, floating and picture-taking! Or for Maura – sleeping AGAIN (even the German guy walked past and said ‘why is it everytime I walk past her, she’s sleeping?! Does she ever not sleep?’ lol)

Then we headed back to the boat and took up top-deck again for some sunbathing, and yup, in Maura’s case, a little more sleeping! I went downstairs when the bar was open and they were trying to ‘get the party started’ but it was more just everyone sat by the bar, drinking and singing along to some cheesy music (it did get a little better as we headed towards shore). 

Then in the evening Maura went for a massage, I did some blogging and we had an early night as we planned to check out tomorrow in case we could get a bus to Battambang that evening. 

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