Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Part 3...Firing an AK-47 + Happy Pizzas - Check!

So after the depressing day we'd had, while Lisa and Kristen had lunch me and Maura decided, to hell with it, lets go shoot a gun!!

So our tuktuk driver took us 5mins down the road to the shooting range, where we were promptly sat down by a group of men and shown a 'menu' of what we could shoot, ranging from smaller cheaper handguns, to excessively expensive and dangerous bazookas and rocket launchers! Yes, I kid you not - there is even a menu of 'targets' you can hit with your weapon, which included coconuts, chickens and cows! (Don't worry, the villagers eat them after...pffft, still won't catch me killing an animal!).

So we decided on the AK-47 and it took us a while to get them to allow us to share a gun and 30 bullets for $40 - so $20 each. Eventually they relented after we threatened to leave, and so we had 15 rounds each and were led into the soundproof shooting room which was stifling hot, where they began loading the gun and gave us ear muffs.

To say I was scared was an understatement...I was s**ting myself! Mainly because I had never shot a gun before and I was worried about the kickback. So Maura decided to go first and they put it on automatic for her so she shot a few rounds successfully but neither of us ever hit the target!

Then it was my turn...eak! So I went over and they showed me how to stand, how to hold the gun to reduce kickback and then one guy stood behind me to guide me, especially as he knew how scared I was. They put it on shotgun first, so I only fired one bullet, and once I had there was no going back - I freakin' LOVED it!! So I shouted at them to put it on automatic (machine gun mode), and fired the next few rounds like I was something out of Rambo - it felt soooo good, the adrenaline was surging through me. Then Maura had another go and shot the rest of her rounds, and I shot the rest of mine. We both came out absolutely pumped and they allowed us to pose with a couple of unloaded guns - by now we both thought we were Lara Croft!

It was then back to the Killing Fields to collect Lisa and Kristen and off back to our hotel where we used the pool next door for the rest of the afternoon. The girls all went for massages and manicures but I didn't fancy one so went to freshen up before we planned to go for something to eat. Tonight we all planned to go for happy pizzas and shakes, as after today, we felt like something to cheer us up. So we headed to Pink Elephant, where I had a 'medium' happy pizza, Kristen and Lisa had extra happy shakes and me and Maura shared a mild happy shake. Lisa's happy shake kicked in pretty much straight away and she was giggling and all over the place - couldn't move her hands well etc. After food and drinks we went to check out the nightlife, but again it was none existent so we just went back to the bar next door to our hotel, and Lisa went to bed as she was out of it. Which is where my happy pizza kicked in!

I honestly can tell you it was the weirdest happiest feeling ever! I felt like I was in a really bubbly, cushioned world - bouncing around as though I was on the moon. And just kept getting fits of giggles. Maura found this hilarious, which in turn set me off laughing again. Then we all went to bed so that we could sleep off the happiness! 

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