Sunday, 7 April 2013

Last day in Cambodia

Had a lie in and then re-packed/spring-cleaned my backpack, ready for our bus to Bangkok tomorrow.

Went down and had lunch, booked our bus tickets for 8am (we’d heard the night bus was horrendous so we decided to go for the day bus across the border, in the hopes we’d get to Bangkok in the early evening), then I spent the day basically doing a full days work; on my blog, photos, organising things on my laptop into folders, transferring it onto my external hard-drive, backing things up, uploading photos to facebook, uploading songs onto my new cheap MP3 player, booking accommodation for Bangkok and skyping the parentals and my nan and granddad/Auntie Lisa. 

In the evening we freshened up and went out to a local restaurant for a Khmer BBQ one last time. It was Lo Meng's Buffet BBQ - SO amazing! You go in and then they take you to the food, where you choose your meat (I had Chicken, beef, fish and prawns), then choose your noodles and rice, spring rolls, salad, sauces - anything else you want, as much as you want, then they bring over your individual BBQ and off you go - all for only $5! We got a jug of beer too, one last taste of Angkor beer before it's back to Chang and Singha! We were going to go for drinks, but after all that food, we were major tired so we headed back where we chilled whilst listening to the epic storm outside which had started on our walk home. Then off to bed ready for our early wake-up call for our bus to Thailand.

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