Monday, 8 April 2013

Bye bye Cambodia, hello again Thailand!

So we waited for the pickup for our bus which came a little later than we'd hoped, and it turned out we weren't getting a bus, we were in fact just staying on the minibus we were on. 3 hours later and we arrived at the Cambodia/Thai border town - Poipet - where we had to collect our bags and get our passports stamped to leave Cambodia (which took an age), change up our dollars into Baht, and then take the excruciatingly hot walk across no-mans-land to the Thai border, then wait a further half hour in line to get our visas stamped and then walk a little more with all our bags into Thailand where we awaited our bus. At least this time it was fairly hassle-free! Got some lunch then hopped aboard our minibus which was very cramped (me and Maura were up front with the driver), then it took another 5hours to reach Bangkok.

We were dropped off around 6pm at Khao San road and then we took another long walk up Rambuttri street towards our hostel - Rainbow Hostel - which turned out to be nice, cheap, and had aircon at night - score! As soon as we entered we met some very lovely people and we freshened up then went out to book our transport onto our next destinations. Maura was headed down south tomorrow evening, and I was headed to Chiang Mai in 2 nights time. So we booked our buses, then came back to the hostel, where we met up with James (UK) and Falk (Germany) and then went out for something to eat (street Pad Thai yay!) and went for a few drinks at one of the bars along Khao San.

A few drinks turned into too many and before long the guys were having rock, paper, scissors games with the street kids selling roses, and were winning a little too much which the kids didn't like (one little girl even cried! We wasn't sure if she was acting or not lol). James pretended to be REALLY interested in everything all the street sellers were selling, and then when he got the price he wanted, told them, nah I don't really want it, which was funny, but also a little mean as they were getting excited that they would sell all these things.

I got some Khao San bracelets made for Lucy, Ruby and myself. One of the women selling bracelets left a silver elephant bangle on our table so I claimed it, when she came back I denied ever seeing it. We made friends with the girl working at the bar, Salai, who was so lovely and we promised her a night out tomorrow night (she works two jobs, one at a hotel, 6am-6pm, then the bar until midnight!!)

We had fun trying out the Japanese style toilets which had all sorts of buttons for a bum wash, front wash, heated dryer, heating for the toilet seat - it was hilarious fun! Had a grape and mint shisha, which the little Indian guy serving us found hilarious when I showed him how to turn a bucket of drink into a volcano with the smoke, he was constantly topping us up - we must have had about 10 rounds of the thing!

Then the guys went home as they'd come from Australia that day so were knackered, me and Maura stayed out but decided after half hour of umming and arrring, to head back as we were tired after a long day too, so we all went to beddie-byes!

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