Monday, 15 April 2013

Last day of Song Kran - the only semi-dry day!

Today I awoke with a stonking hangover and as it's so hot you can't sleep so I also only got 4hrs sleep. A few of the guys went to check out what was going on down at the moat to get wet, but I couldn't even walk across the garden let alone participate in another mass water fight, so I stayed back at the hostel and passed out on the bamboo bed, with two fans on me that the owner placed as he knew I had a Chang-over, or Hong Thong-over more like.

Then in the evening we went for food at Sampet and then went to check out what was happening at Phae Gate as it was the NYE of Thai New Year, tomorrow was New Years Day. They had started to take down the soak stations, but there were tons of trucks going by blasting their music and chucking water still and a massive water fight was still going on between Thai's and tourists outside Rooftop bar. We went back around 9pm and then I went for a massage and headed to bed - such a nice chilled day (minus the Chang-over), and I didn't have to be wet all day!

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