Sunday, 14 April 2013

Song Kran - yet more water and a local night out!

Today was basically the same as yesterday, we first went to Nalinrat's to book things, I booked my bus to Laos on the 20th and they booked their tickets down to Koh Tao. Then we just went and got wet again, partied some more at the Soak Stations, partied some more outside Hotel M, and then went and parked up outside Nalinrat's place again, and soaked more people and ate fried chicken that her son had cooked.

By now, after 4 days of being wet, we'd started to become fed up of the water, so late afternoon around 5pm we just went back to the hostel, grabbed food from Sampet restaurant (my local), and chilled out for a while, before preparing for another night out. Tonight we were headed to party with the locals, as it was Thai New Year and all! The owners of Yellow had told us to head to Warm-Up bar, which was in the newer part of the city (our hostel was in the old city), so we got a songthaew over, sharing with some other British guys from our hostel.

Warm-Up bar was awesome, it was just a maze of different bars, lounges and clubs; there were two clubs, one live-music bar, a cocktail bar and an outside bar. So we partied the night away here until it shut at 1am. I befriended a load of Thai guys, a few girls and some American dude. We got a bucket of ice and in the spirit of Song Kran started putting ice down peoples tops etc, they in return were tipping straight whiskey down my throat. Sacha had also befriended some locals so we had some fun times. Then when it closed we got a Songthaew to Infinity, a local, huge and hip nightclub. It was free entry and absolutely massive - it reminded me of Pacha in Ibiza. Sacha and Jack decided to head home around 2.30am as they were very drunk, but me and Raigo and the American dude stayed out til 6am. Partied with some Ladyboys, drank loads, danced loads, met some awesome Thai people and then got a lift home with them! was going to be a lift home, until they got lost, even though I told them not to leave the moat as it's a square so you'll always find our turn off if you keep going round, but nope, we ended up on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, an hour outside of town! So we told them to drop us off to a Songthaew and we'll get back that way...but even the Songthaew driver didn't know where he was going, so while the guys were lucky and passed out in the pack of the Songthaew, I had to sit up front as I was the only one who knew where we were going and had to literally force myself to stay awake to direct us home. No idea if the American dude lived near us but he got dropped off at our place and we left him to walk back alone haha, then we passed out, again!

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