Friday, 12 April 2013

Pre-Song Kran day 2 - Hijacking trucks and more water-wars!

Today there were slightly more locals getting involved in the pre-song kran water fights. Me and James had agreed to meet at around 11am so I had breakfast (street museali with fruit, yoghurt and honey, oh how I've missed it!) then met him by Mc Donalds, opposite Phae Gate, and he kitted himself up with a water pistol backpack and we went on another rampage along the moat in our area. They had finished setting up the stages at Phae Gate and they were in full swing today, Air Asia, Coca Cola and Bangkok Airways all had splash stations near Mc Donalds, blasting music and water guns at the crowds, there were organised street water-fights opposite Rooftop bar, where the traffic was regularly stopped to allow everyone onto the road and attack with water, and locals had started the ice-cold-water-on-the-back-of-pickup-truck shinnanigans! The splash station parties were all on the roads, so we were partying and spraying whilst cars and motorbikes tried to navigate their way through the crowds - it was mental!

They'd also set up water pumps and large buckets or tanks of water along the moat for free-refills for your water guns and buckets. Although most of the time it was easier to just re-fill from the moat using my bucket and string, because there were either too many people crowded around them, or you ended up getting soaked with your own bucket by someone else before you'd even left the refill station! We spent about 4 hours just walking up and down the moat soaking people, it was absolutely hilarious walking behind James, who was on a soak-mission, as his water-pistol backpack was kinda hidden, so people didn't realise he had a pistol...until he got every single person smack-bang in the face! Watching their shocked faces after he'd shot them with ice cold water was priceless, I spent most of my time in fits of laughter, before being soaked myself as I wasn't quick enough to squirt.

We then decided we wanted to get up on some of the trucks as it looked so much fun soaking people walking by, also they had buckets of water with ice in it so it was extra fun to shock people with ice-cold water, so we hijacked the back of one truck with some kids on the back, but unfortunately we took all their water and so by the time we'd reached the soak stations, we'd run out of water and had gotten annihilated by passers-by and other trucks! So we got down and then went searching for another truck to join, that had a good stock of water. We found one with a family on the back and so jumped up (we did ask first), and began squirting, we did pretty well but the road was stationary by this point so we got just as soaked back - being on a truck, motorbike or tuktuk meant you were prime targets. Eventually the water ran low on this truck so they asked us to leave as we had taken pretty much all of it - woops! lol and so we just went back to the soak stations and partied there for a bit, before losing James!

So I waited for him at our meet-up place, maccy d's, but he didn't show so I went to visit Nalinrat, where they had set up ice cold water buckets (like massive blocks of ice), outside the shop, so I continued soaking here for another 2 hours. Nalinrat fed me again, I just can't resist her food and I had water-fights with the kids and as a team we all completely soaked every passerby/truck/tuktuk/motorbike. I then went back to the hostel to freshen up and agreed to meet James at Phae Gate again to head to the night market for food - which was amazing, then we took a walk to pub corner where all the backpackers hang-out and went for drinks at Zoe's. We met Sonya and Hilary (Canadian), and had a few buckets of Sangsom whiskey and redbull, chatted, met some more people, chatted and just got drunk basically. Then we all got up to dance but lost each other, so James decided to head home and I was navigating myself through the crowds to head back, when I found Sonya and Hilary again so we danced for a couple hours before heading back. Then just passed out, ready for the official start of Song Kran tomorrow!

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