Saturday, 13 April 2013


Today was the official start of Song Kran, or Thai New Year, so there were big plans to just get absolutely drunk and soaked. We were going to meet Sonya and Hilary but we missed each other so that didn't happen. Instead I met a load of people from Yellow House; Justin (Boston, USA), Frankie and Jack (UK), Jens (Sweden), Raigo (Estonia), Alejo (Colombia), and Sacha and Jack (UK), and we all made plans to head over to Little Bird after we'd eaten to use their paddling pool, but first we soaked each other and passers-by at Yellow, plus soaked the cleaning lady. James came to join us and we headed to Little Bird for a bit, then decided to head down to the soak stations at Phae Gate.

We walked along the moat getting soaked and soaking others; squirting little kids and old people in the faces and not feeling guilty was priceless! Then we grabbed ourselves some beers from the shop, refuelled at Maccy D's and went absolutely mental! We joined the soak stations and danced the afternoon away, getting soaked by the massive water guns, joined the foam party at the Coca Cola station, navigated our way through the traffic soaking truck loads of locals, the guys decided to swim across the moat, we went the other side of Phae Gate to another music stage and partied some more, then decided to head back as we'd been out all afternoon and everyone was knackered! I stopped off at Nalinrat's again, soaked some more people, then was joined by an awesome Canadian girl and we teamed up along with Nalinrat's son and the tuk tuk drivers son and went crazy at all those who passed us.

At around 5pm Nalinrat's Thai friends joined us in their supped-up truck, blasting music and we got the party started. The guys were feeding me and the Canadian girl home-brewed rice wine, which was horrendously strong, teaching us some Thai and we all just soaked, danced, drank and chatted for a few hours. Nalinrat and some of her girl friends went to the temples to do their prayers and blessings for luck and the New Year and she came back with her lucky water and blessed me. The parade of trucks carrying Buddha's and floral arrangements came past us, apparently it's good luck to soak the buddha with water (it's why they have a water festival - to cleanse and wash away bad luck for the New Year), so of course, with all my bad luck I made it my mission to hit every Buddha that passed!

There was then a huge thunderstorm - which all the locals took as a good sign that next year (which starts on the 16th) was going to be good, as the God's had blessed them and rained away any bad luck/cleansed the earth. All the Yellow group had planned to head out that evening so I said goodbye to Nalinrat and her friends around 7.30pm and headed back to get ready. Pre-drank at the hostel and then we headed to Zoe's which was absolutely rammed full of pretentious backpackers. I started dancing on the tables as usual, but got shoved off by the security guy, who later punched a guy in the head for some unknown reason - he was a super angry security guy! We tried dancing but it was just way too busy so a few people headed home, me, Raigo, Justin and Alejo stayed for a while then decided to head to Spicy's, a club down the road, via 7/11 for some food. We lost Justin, so it just ended up being me, Raigo and Alejo. Got to the club and stayed there til around 5am, but it was just full of Thai prostitutes hitting up old ex-pats and the DJ was rubbish, but it was nice for some Aircon! Then we went to 7/11 again, got back and passed out.

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