Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Until next time Bangkok!

Today we didn't do much at all as we were all pretty hanging (apart from James). We awoke around 10am and all laughed and chatted about last night, got ready, me and James checked out as we were headed to Chiang Mai tonight. Then went for breakfast across the road.

We then tried to use D&D Inn's rooftop swimming pool, but we got caught, so we went to Khao San Palace hotel, which was sooo easy to sneak into and used their rooftop pool for the day. Falk and Nati went after a while as they had things they needed to do, so me and James stayed and then went for lunch before James had to get his bus to Chiang Mai. Me and Nati then just chilled at the hostel before I had to get my bus, Falk came back just as I was about to leave so we all said our goodbyes (hopefully I'd see Falk again in Chiang Mai as he was headed there too in a couple of days).

Waited next door for my pickup, chatted to an Israeli guy for a bit, then our pickup came, which was actually a walking tour of Bangkok. We were made to walk 2km with all our bags to the travel agent meetup, then a further 1km to the river, where we had to get a BOAT across to the other side, and walk a further 1km to our actual bus - I mean, really?! The journey was made tolerable by a couple of drunk Australian guys, a couple I met from Germany and Tazmania, and a girl from Holland who was my bus buddy. Me and the girl from Holland had a bad feeling getting on the bus but decided to brush it away and took our valium to get some sleep as Thailand doesn't do sleeper buses - just normal recliners. I then realised I'd left my prescription sunglasses back at the hostel - doh! So called mummykins to get their number to tell them, but they didn't really understand so I left it until the morning to contact Nati to see if he could sort it for me.

Halfway into the night, our bus bloody breaks down, so for two hours we were just sat on the side of the road, the bus guys had to get lifts to the next town to get whatever they needed to fix the bus. Then we got a wake up call in the morning at 9am (3hrs after we'd meant to arrive), an hour from Chiang Mai, saying they couldn't go any further so we'd have to get Songthaews into Chiang Mai and pay 50 baht for the privilege! Cheek! So we all unwillingly obliged and arrived in Chiang Mai around 10.30am.

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