Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Snap-happy and international jetsetters!

We awoke at 9.30, made the most of the free breakie provided by the hostel until 10am (toast, cereals, tea and coffee) and then showered etc. We decided today we'd go check out the main attractions, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, just an easy getting to know our surroundings day. Followed by our first night out in Sydney, which Laura, Paul and Tanya joined us for. Luckily Bex and Andrew woke up refreshed after a good 13hr sleep, minus the interruption.

So after getting ready we took a walk from our hostel to the harbour,which only took around 20mins. Once we arrived we immediately got a little snap happy and spent the next hour doing jump photos, group shots, scenic shots, by the Opera House and the view of the Harbour Bridge. The bridge reminded me of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Opera house is not as big as it seems on tv and pictures, but is definitely as iconic as its made out to be! We then went and had our now regular cup of Mocha and some chocolate muffins for lunch and sat and ate them on the harbour, whilst being hounded by seagulls, it was like the scene from finding nemo, 'mine mine mine' and then we realised it was based in Sydney we understand why. They are so persistent!

We then took a walk through The Rocks, a really chic, old, arty suburb of Sydney beneath the Bridge, and then decided to take a stroll across the Bridge and even up the Pylon Viewpoint which is about a quarter of the way across. There were 200 steps and the view from the top was spectacular over the whole of Sydney's Bay and the CBD/Opera House. After getting a bit snap happy here too we then made our way across the rest of the bridge and took the train back to Kings Cross where we got ourselves some stir-fry essentials, some Goon (boxed wine, 4 litres) and went back to cook and get ready.

We pre-drank at the hostel making sure we drank most of the Goon to save us buying drinks. By the time Laura and Paul got to us we were pretty far gone and we actually didn't set out til 11pm. We decided to go to Kings Cross Hotel (most bars and nightclubs are called 'hotels' here or are in hotels), which is slightly classier. It had 3 levels and a rooftop bar. As soon as we entered Bex managed to pull an Irish guy (gonna have to keep this girl on a leash) and Andrew and Laura saw it as a possible chance of free drinks...didn't happen! Andrew went up to him and said 'I'd like 2 vodka cranberries, and a schooner of beer please.' Needless to say he just got a weird stare with awkward silence.

We danced the night away and Tanya met us around midnight, until around 2.30am, when we all got the lift to search for Bex and her beau, which is when we got in a slight bit of bother. I apparently was sat down in the lift and we were riding it floor to floor for a while. And somewhere along the way we managed to make our way into the kitchen basement floor and a guy with a trolley of ice came in and Laura started singing in his ear then tried to steal his ice. This must have been recorded on CCTV, because the next floor we got to, the doors opened and there were 2 security guards waiting for us, who held the doors open and pointed to me and laura and said, 'you two, out'. So we were all escorted out while Bex was still nowhere to be found. So we then schemed to get back in, somehow Andrew and Laura got back in to find Bex, Laura was spotted but let off, and apparently the guy she'd sang to earlier was in the lift again. I tried getting back in but through some stupidity told the bouncer I was wrongly kicked out earlier but really had to find my sister...obviously I wasn't allowed back in again.

So after finding Bex, we all met outside and the best part of the night happened...Andrew went ballistic at the security guard; 'I am international jetsetter, i have never been kicked out of a club before, this is ridiculous. You know I work for Easyjet and I am going to make sure you get a bad review for this.' To which i piped up 'and I work for tripadvisor!' He just looked at us and said 'go away or i'll call the police'. So we took our bruised egos to maccy d's where I had my usual, a quarterpounder meal,chicken nuggets and an extra cheeseburger...what?! I was hungry ok? We then said goodbye to Laura and Paul and went back to our hostel where we made tons of noise to get back at spanish dude for the night before, and slept.

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