Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Walking around and a trip to the Imax

Sunday we were supposed to do Manly Beach but the weather was pretty pants. Instead we decided to go for a fried breakie and coffee up the road for $6 each and then made plans to meet Laura and Paul at Darling Harbour about half 4 to go and watch the new Hunger Games movie at the worlds largest IMAX screen. So until then we decided to go on a random walk through the city, and went down Oxford Street, the gay district, before rounding back to Hyde Park where we saw the most hideous birds - trust me, i would not be sunbathing with their massive beaks pecking around you! They looked like small black flamingoes *shudder* just wandering around a city park, as you do.

We then walked down to Darling Harbour where we met someone Andrew knew from working at BA who was now in Sydney and went for a starbucks while waiting for Laura and Paul. Tickets were expensive ($28) but it was well worth it. The screen was massive and the film awesome! Got a little dizzy at the start but once your eyes get used to it it was awesome.

After we went back to the hostel, had noodles and pizza and went to bed, the amazing life we lead!

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