Thursday, 5 December 2013

Welcome to the Outback - Alice springs

We awoke at 4.45am, got ready and waited for our airport pickup, which was late and so we were panicking we would miss our flight but luckily we made check in with 20mins to spare! Boarding was the fastest ever and soon we were saying goodbye to Sydney!

The flight was 3 and a half hrs long so we mainly just slept and i did a bit of blogging. We then arrived at Alice Springs 10am local time, the views were surreal, just miles and miles of orange/red desert! We got our bags and headed to the shuttle bus, and had a bit of a panic when we got to the first hostel as we couldn't remember if it was Annie's place or Alice lodge we were staying in. Luckily it was Annies place and we got off at the right one!

We checked in and met a guy in our room who we just found out may be joining our tour tomorrow which would be awesome, this hostel is way more social compaired to sydney, it even has a bar! We then made sure we got all our stuff ready and packed for our tour tomorrow with Gadventures around the outback.

Then we went for a wander around town, Alice Springs isnt very big and there's not much to do but it is definately real australia and im glad Bex and Andrew get to experience that, they are fascinated with the aboriginals (a very strange race but equally fascinating). We went up Anzac hill for a view of Alice Springs and the mountain ranges / desert surrounding it. Then we went to Coles to get some dinner for tonight and came back to the hostel to chill before our tours 5.45am meet time! Exciting! We are going to fry and die out here!

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