Thursday, 5 December 2013

The biatches arrive in Sydney!

So after a weekend spent with Tanya around Newtown and a few days with Laura in Coogee by the beaches, it was time to move into central Sydney and collect Bex and Andrew!

I got an airport shuttle from Lauras and waited until their plane touched down (as usual all the London planes were delayed). It then took a further half hr before i saw them walk through the gate, yay! Bless them they looked so tired,l. They'd managed to stay up on the first flight and had little sleep on the last one, aparently Bex almost wasn't allowed on the plane in Dubai as she was so pale and had to hold a sick bag during the transfer as she felt so ill. Luckily she felt better once on the next flight.

So we took the Sydney airport shuttle bus to our hostel Jackaroo in Kings Cross, which is just like kings cross in London, seedy, red light district but the backpacker area and walking distance to everything. It actually wasnt a bad area, and the weirdos in it provided us bitches alot of entertainment in slag fests, alcoholics, prostitutes, weirdos, bikies, crazy homeless people, it was endless slagging material!

We couldn't check in til 2pm so it have us a great excuse to try and keep going til the eve so they'd get over the jetlag better and be on Aussie time sooner. After showering we decided to head into the city for some strong coffee and food from Starbucks and then headed on the underground to Central where we found a huve shopping mall to find a few bits like hats, flip flops, shower stuff etc, plus it was raining and rather cold so it gave us some shelter for a bit!

We went into Coles to get some pasta and sauce for our dinner that eve, buying food and cooking it is so much cheaper than eating out, gone are the asia days when eating out cost you less than $5 for the day! Our meal for that eve came to just under $2 each, bonus. By then it was 4pm and we'd got everything we needed so decided it was a good enough time to head back. Once we got back to the hostel we checked into our room, 4-beds but the tiniest room ever, sussed out the kitchen, ate and then Bex and Andrew retired to bed at 6pm and I stayed up watching some movies on my laptop.

During the night we were rudely introduced to our roomate, an inconsiderate spanish dude, who was living in the hostel, which we later found out was Argentinian, who switched the light on, sprayed tons of cologne and went out. Then came back at 5am, his spanish friend sounded like a zombie and insisted on banging shoes against peoples doors, then our dude came in made tons of noise and switched the light on. Then just when we thought it was over someone knocked on the door - an english girl who we nicknamed 'the slut' who barged her way in and tried to get into bed with spanish dude, who'd switched off his ipad and was pretending to be asleep (he hadnt answered the door either, i had, which made us think he really didnt wanna see her) until she forced herself in and started trying to kiss him.

By this point i'd had enough so told them to shut up or take it elsewhere, so she made a fuss and told him to go to her room, i dont think he had any choice as she practically dragged him out and thankfully we got back to sleep until 10am.

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