Sunday, 23 December 2012

Khao San round 3 - ding ding ding - off to Koh Phangan!

23rd Dec 2012 - Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Woke for midday, checked out of our room into a single room to dump our bags and so we could shower/use the room later before our flight. Met Aaron and then played a game of pool before heading for something to eat at the bar opposite Irish Bar. (It's a good job I've already seen Bangkok as we didn't really leave Khao San Road!). Chatted for a while, then went to Starbucks, chatted a bit more. Then walked up and down Khao San, got bored so went for cocktails in Silk Bar in the afternoon.

We pretty much just stayed there chatting until 6pm rolled around for Aaron's bus to Koh Phangan. We were hoping we could all meet up there, pretty much everyone we'd met so far was heading down there for Xmas, Full Moon and New Year. Aaron was a pretty cool dude so hopefully we would see him again! So we said goodbye and then me and Nikki went to grab some alcohol from 7/11 and get some more street pad thai. We weren't really feeling it tonight after being out the last 2 nights in a row but Laura, Laith and Paul had come today so we felt we needed to have a night out with them, plus we were going to the airport at 4am so we had to pull an all-nighter and the only thing getting us through that was alcohol!

Went for drinks in Golf Bar again, then Silk Bar - the usual. Then met Laura, Laith and Paul there later on. That night wasn't as messy, but we still had a good time. Tried a Scorpion but failed miserably, after a few chews it made me gag so much I spat it out - for the record it DOES NOT taste like chicken! It's a crunchy, salty mess that just will not disappear from your mouth. Nikki later had a small bug, not sure what it was but her face told me everything - it wasn't great either! Laura managed to swallow the scorpion but then she had eaten a whole load of bugs on her round the world trip a year ago so she was used to these things! lol

I bought myself a smurf balloon, hijacked a food cart, and then Aaron's friend from the UK who was with us the first night was upstairs in Silk Bar completely unconscious. So me and Nikki played the good Samaritans and got him to drink some water and sober up as he was so out of it his eyes had rolled back. After that it was almost 4am, so in forseeing their downfall we made Laura, Laith and Paul head back to their hotel ASAP so they'd make it to the Airport. Meanwhile me and Nikki grabbed our bags and got a taxi to the domestic airport for our flight down to Koh Phangan. Got to the airport, checked in and had an hour to go until our flight left...but no sign of Laura, Laith or Paul.

So I phoned Laura and...they weren't on their way - Laith had locked himself in his room, so that even the hotel staff couldn't get in and so Laura and Paul were unable to get him or themselves to the airport. Tried everything to get them a flight for the next day, but there was only space for one, which they stupidly booked before realising Laura couldn't go as she needed to wait for her brother to arrive. So it was just me and Nikki heading to Koh Phangan for now! And with a day of travelling ahead of us, (plane, bus, ferry, taxi) on no sleep and only just sobering wasn't going to be pleasant!

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