Monday, 24 December 2012

Our arrival in Koh Phangan, Christmas Eve!

24th Dec 2012

So me and Nikki slept most of the flight and could of done with more to be honest (the flight was only an hour). We were shocked into awakening upon landing - we both jumped out of our skin when the wheels hit the runway lol. We then had a short walk to the bus we needed to catch to Donsak pier. The bus journey was 1 and a half hours so we managed to kip a bit more. Then we got to the ferry port and had a lovely 3hr wait until our ferry was scheduled to leave at 2pm. So we just sat around, chatting, eating, trying to bide the time.

Once on the ferry it was extremely choppy seas, as it wasn't the best weather (on and off rain and very windy, but still very hot). Again we just kipped for the 2hours until it arrived in Koh Phangan. We then got a taxi (a Songthaew) to our resort which Laith had booked. It was a good 30min drive from the pier, we didn't realise how far it was! We rocked up and it was only a room for 4 so when the others came we'd have to sneak 2 people in! It was a really lovely place actually, with a pool and a short 2min walk down to the beach.

It really didn't feel like Christmas Eve when your on a beach in the heat! But we went for a meal, and then went to the 7/11 down the road for some christmassy provisions. We'd decided we were going to have our own little Xmas Eve party so I got some ankle socks out for our 'stockings' then we bought a gift for each other - Ferrero Rocher's and chocolate coins (which were disgusting)! Got some party hats and trumpet whistles and decorated the room whilst listening to Xmas songs, as we had it all to ourselves until the 26th! Below is the outcome:

We then proceeded to change into our jammies and prance around the hotel (our hammock, the swimming pool etc) in our Xmas hats and Xmas sunglasses we'd bought in Bangkok, taking pictures and singing Xmas songs, here's a small collection:
So then it got late, and we went to bed after we'd passed midnight, it's officially Christmas Day now...still didn't feel like it!

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